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Originally Posted by victim

Looks like Vic has a tattoo on his arm

Vic and Lance look really bad. Wearing shocking suits. Terrible Player Models (Probably a Beta though)

Shooting from boat. Really cool

Vic in the car with the Cross Dresser. Possibly Mikala from K-Chat in VC. Also there is an asian gang following them. Could be a new gang in Vice City.

A Nice Jet Ski/Chopper Pic

Firtsly I'd like to say these screens could be alot better. After looking at them Im definatley not impressed.

Summary Of Gordon Hall Interview

- There are twice as many pologons per block in VCS than there were in LCS
- When you take to the water on Jet-Ski's (depending on weather conditions you may be alble to bounce up and down, and momentarily go underneath the water.
- Using the new Draw Distance players will be able to see much further
- Aerial and Boat vehicles both take roles in Multiplayer
- They are really pleased with the First time vehicles making appearances.
- The targeting System has been tweaked once more, it's taken a fresh look although it isnt a complete overhaul
- The combat system has more depth to it than previous GTA games, (Sounds cool Yes)

There just some of the things mentioned in the Interview. Check it out here

After reading the Interview Im a definatley happy with how this game is turning out. I just hope hand to hand combat isnt too complex. Rockstar never seem to make things too complex though, which is awesome.

Edit: Im also keeping a close eye on Gamespot. Although they are not as sharp as IGN, in the past they have been prone to having GTA updates on saturdays.
You really shouldn't say the graphics are that bad i mean after all it is for the psp and the screens looked awesome and i read the interview about GTA VCS it is just getting me excited.
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