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Originally Posted by victim
I was re-watching the trailer just then and when I heard Vic talk when he says' "Probably not," to the guy that asks him if he's trustworthy. He does actually have a South American tone to his voice. Although it's mainly black. Still, has anyone recognised his voice yet? because I really dont think it's Ving Rhames.
To me it didn't sound like he had that kind of a tone, him as well as Lance, could still be latino but not actually have an accent like Lance. I know I don't have an accent but I'm latino. Vic seems to be shaping out to be like Toni where Toni was once a strong man but became docile (sort of) in GTA 3. Vic seems like a crazy guy who was holding his brother by his throat in the air and then got shot down like nothing in Vice. That sucks. I wonder if some people will tell Vic to gain some weight because some people have said that he appears to be overweight in Vice City.
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