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Originally Posted by .:Clansman:.
Quote from first post....

1 : First step is to transfer your save to flash drive , the save builder and gallery viewer cater for many file formats so ARMax is not a must .

Which i say ARMax save is not need by SAVE BUILDER.


Yes i said it was'nt needed because there are other ways of getting the save to flash/pen or PSP , but the method involves a third party ( not made by Sony , except PSP ) tool like a cheat disc , mainly because the PS2 does'nt recognise anyting that is connected via USB ports ....sorry , but you need other tools before we go any further....

If there is anything on the menu for transfering files from Memory Card to PS2 USB then yes you can use it....

why is it when i transfer the file back to the memory card and look at it through the brower on my PS2 its says crushed data that means i cannot play the game again how can i over write this with the file i tranferred over?

I mean the saved game is crushed and now the SA game cannot read it but i still got it on my USB
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