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I have the PS2 version, so the only thing I can try and do is cheat, but that's failed too.
I tried the "perfect handling" cheat, but it's a bit too sensitive for my taste and I end up driving worse then without the code.
I tried the nitro code, but all the other cars I'm racing get nitro as well, and they're gone so fast I don't even have a prayer catching up with them!
I tried "Destroy Cars" cheat, but that destroys my car as well so I'm disqualified immediately.
I tried the cheat that makes your car strong like a tank so whatever you hit blows up, but while the other cars blow up, mine catches fire pretty quick too and blows up giving me another DQ.
I also tried the "Cars Float Away When Hit" cheat, but it doesn't work on the other racing cars, just those driven by peds.

I thought I was a decent gamer; I beat every other level and race with relative ease, but for the life of me, I can NOT place first in the "Freeway" race in LS.
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