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Glitch within Vigilante glitch

This is a glitch I just discovered today, I don't know if it's been mentioned before. (It's on the PS2 version). I was doing the Vigilante cheat/glitch in San Fierro and I went to the Burger Shot directly southwest of the garage. I "killed" the first criminal successfully then I exited the Burger Shot. Well, not exactly exited. Technically I was outside, but I was stuck in the interior. You could see the outside, but you were stuck inside. You could see the yellow entrance marker but it woudn't work. Climbing out didn't work either.

Anyways, this wasn't really harmful. I managed to recreate it three times. You could also have fun with it too. Get a wanted level and cops will come to where you are, but they can't see you and you can see them. They can't shoot you either, yet you can hit them/punch them. You can't shoot them since the invisible wall is between you, but you can kill them with explosives. Overall, the only bad thing about this is that you're stuck. Only way to get out is to reload the game.

I'd like to take pictures of this phenomenon but I lost my digital camera. So if anyone else wants to recreate it and take pictures these are the variables I was working with.

-PS2 version
-I was using the cop bike, i forget what it's called. HPV100?
-Go to the Burger Shot southwest of the garage in San Fierro
-Using the Vigilante glitch, "kill" 1 criminal then exit the building.
-Now you're stuck inside of the Burger Shot, yet you can't see the interior, you see the exterior.

Let me know if you guys can recreate this as well.
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