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Nite 07-11-2007 02:45 AM

Gears of War Coming to PC Later This Year

July 10, 2007 - If you haven't watched the Microsoft E3 conference, you might be pleased to read that Epic is bringing its beloved Xbox 360 franchise - Gears of War to Windows with all new content; co-op gameplay, and is supporting both XP and Vista (in case you were worried). Multiplayer will be handled on Live, which leads us to believe that Microsoft will be opening it up to XP users as well as Vista in the not-too-distant future.

Microsoft Game Studios is set to bring the critically acclaimed "Gears of War" to the Windows platform, which will support Games for Windows — LIVE. "Gears of War" will emerge on Windows XP-based and Windows Vista-based PCs this holiday with five new campaign chapters, a new multiplayer mode and a new game editor that will unleash the creativity of "Gears of War" players — only available for Windows. "Gears of War" will also take advantage of DirectX 10 graphics technology, which is only available on Windows Vista. Also today, Epic Games unveiled the addition of Games for Windows - LIVE integration to the award winning Unreal Engine 3. This landmark announcement will make it easier than ever for game developers using Epic's next-generation technology to take advantage of Microsoft's online gaming network.

Here are a few more fun facts:

Format: DVD-ROM for the Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems

Availability: Holiday 2007

Price: $49.99 (estimated retail price)

And of course, bulleted features!!11! Woo.

What's New?
"Gears of War" will feature locations that are unique to the franchise and the genre. Players will encounter all their favorite foes from the Xbox 360 version; however, these intense encounters will take place in some new environments and allow players to manipulate the new game modes and technology found only in the Games for Windows title. Boasting three new multiplayer maps, a new multiplayer game type, Game Editor, five new campaign chapters and DirectX 10 support, "Gears of War," will challenge and push the limits of the PC gaming experience and provide an unparalleled visual presentation.

What's old?
Movie-like cut scenes, cinematic camera moves and in-game storytelling bring the brutal, emotionally charged narrative to life. Gamers control Marcus Fenix and his fire team as they pit advanced technology against the overwhelming and horrific Locust Horde.

"Gears of War" will tap into the power of Games for Windows — LIVE to deliver online matchmaking for its Gold account members. The service will enable gamers around the world to connect via their PCs, allowing players to experience individualized matchmaking, view player statistics, earn player Achievements, customize games and create personalized profiles.

Never Pay for a New Map Again
The game will also feature the all-new Game Editor, guaranteeing new user-generated content in the future. The "Gears of War" community will be able to tap its endless creative potential to develop an unlimited number of user-created levels through complete access to the Unreal Editor. Using the new engine, players can now import custom artwork into the engine, create particle systems, scripted encounters, cinematics and more.

DX10 Support
"Gears of War" ushers in the next generation with incredible visuals, pushing DirectX 10 visual designs and bringing out the smallest details in the largest battle. Gamers experience a rich, dynamic world with a supreme level of detail. Characters come to life with unbelievable model quality and a physics-integrated animation system that has them truly reacting intelligently to events unfolding around them.

Over-the-shoulder action
In "Gears of War" the battlefield is a lethal place — to foolishly stand out in the open is to invite an untimely demise. To survive, gamers must employ strategy, take cover using the interactive and dynamic environments, and suppress the enemy with blind fire, using their weapons and teammates to outwit and outfight their terrifying enemies.

this is great news, that game was neck and neck with Oblivion, at the awards last year, definately a must get for me.

notuptome2004 07-11-2007 02:58 AM

so sweet nite thanks for the news. i knew i bought me a Directx 10 card for some reason ha ha. this game i have seen played on the 360 and is far the best 360 game out ther and wow the use of the unreal engine makes it that much better of a game, i am betting since the 360 version used all 6 hardware threads on the CPUs that this will use every bit of power my dual core offers

Asif 07-11-2007 04:03 AM

Yeah, caught that earlier during the M$ conference at E3. That was a nice surprise for me.

ZCAB 07-11-2007 05:15 AM

Meh, it will probably be disgustingly straineous on my PC like most Unreal Engine 3 games. Though I might arr matey it.

billyboy_999 07-11-2007 05:33 AM

Sweet. But I hope for LAN co-op.

mattt 07-11-2007 06:23 AM

Would be nice to list some kinda spec predictions.

Lynk 07-11-2007 08:45 AM

Honestly, I can't understand how this was "neck and neck" with Oblivion. It really isn't that good of a game. Sure the graphics are amazing, but fuck me it's decidedly average.

Slim Trashman 07-11-2007 08:48 AM

Agree with you on that one, Lynk. I've played the game, the graphics were nice, but everything else just had me bored or annoyed.

.:Mouldy Punk:. 07-11-2007 08:48 AM

/me hopes it runs on his computer

passage 07-11-2007 09:11 AM

failed on the 360, but fuck it could own on the PC.

mattt 07-11-2007 10:49 AM

It didnt fail.

SA 07-11-2007 10:52 AM

If this is hooked up with 360 dude's, it's gonna be awesome.


what's up with this legendary member thing ?

Super Beast 07-11-2007 11:03 AM

Was planning to eventually get this on 360 but with my new computer coming in the next couple weeks, all I have to do is get a 360 controller for windows.

Xan 07-11-2007 11:19 AM

It's awesome that the game isn't just a direct port, they added alot of extra stuff also which is great in my opinion

Asif 07-11-2007 11:34 AM

News of Windows version on the Official site.
Yet, we'll have to wait to get further details on the requirements.

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