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Himuro 06-01-2007 11:00 PM

Slightly new info from July 07 EGM?
Got my issue today and I read through it to find new info.

There isn't anything new at all, and they've already covered the demo and trailer footage, so EGM made an interesting editorial where they compared GTAIV shots to actual NYC shots. Thing is, they hired a photographer to make shots that have the same camera angles that are present in the GTAIV screenshots to have the best results. It's pretty interesting to say the least, to see how much detail R* has put into the game. I think I found one new piece, but I'll just copy the entire paragraph. In this section they are using this image as a comparison. It's a startling comparison if you've seen the feature, because the GTAIV version looks almost just like the NYC version.


Under the Tracks

If you've been following our GTA4 coverage (both in EGM and on, you know we love the little touches. Like when Niko breaks a car window with his elbow in order to unlock it. Or the way he takes a big step up and shifts his weight when he approaches a curb while walking. Or pedestrians taking a drag, chatting on a pay phone, or just leaning against a wall. In these particular shots, LC doesn't feature as many storefronts as this packed NYC strip, yet it has just as much going on: folks minding their own business, faded bills on the foreground pillar, trash on the sidewalk. You'd better believe we'd love to see more shops along the street....all the better to rob and escape out the back, something Rockstar tells us is indeed possible.
The ability to rob a store and escape through the back? What do they mean, a back door in the store or running out of the front and then behind the store in an alley or something? It would be nice to have some clarification because I do not recall any other source saying this.

Slim Trashman 06-01-2007 11:03 PM

Robbing stores you're trying to point out here? Believe that is new, or was mentioned/suspected in another preview. Either way, thanks for posting.

Himuro 06-01-2007 11:15 PM

Either way, if it's possible to rob stores without instantly making the cops come, that says a lot about the new direction they're going in already. It seems that when you pull off crimes, depending on how crafty you are, you may or may not have to deal with the fuzz at all.

CB 06-01-2007 11:21 PM

Saint's Row did it so this won't be a problem for R*

Himuro 06-01-2007 11:22 PM

I'm providing you guys with scans I made.

I'm going to have to redo the second scan because apart of it is cut off. Sorry about that.

Lettermaniac 06-02-2007 12:13 AM

Wow, they've done a fantastic job of covering NYC. I know we've seen comparisons before but not with some of those screens.

Anyway, robbing stores and leaving out the back has been vaguely mentioned in another article. I think it'll make it into the game, as Niko, remember, is never going to become the kingpin and will always need these little jobs, I think. Plus any improvement over SA's robbing would be good.

Asif 06-02-2007 12:29 AM

Woah @ those comparisons! :0
Also, I liked the way how Niko will rob into a shop and escape from the back of it. Seems like the interior of shops would be much more traversable.

Flip 06-02-2007 01:16 AM


Originally Posted by Himuro
The ability to rob a store and escape through the back? What do they mean, a back door in the store or running out of the front and then behind the store in an alley or something? It would be nice to have some clarification because I do not recall any other source saying this.

Maybe it'll be kinda like that mission 'Small Town Bank' from SA, where you have to rob this bank with Catalina and escape through the back. But with better graphics, tactics, realism, etc. I don't know though, I guess we'll have to wait and see. It would be great to rob stores like that.

Slim Trashman 06-02-2007 05:20 AM

Wow. Those comparison shots are amazing!

Deej 06-03-2007 04:17 PM

Those pics are great.

I love the idea of robberies and escaping. I loved doing it in Saints Row. I hope there is a feature where the police dont know if its a hold up untill someone hits a buzzer. I would also love if you had afeature like tying them up so they cant hit it when you leave or locking them in a room or something like that because it gets a bit old when you know that to not get caught you have to kill the shop attendant.

swallowed 06-03-2007 06:30 PM

I wonder how you would rob stores or even houses this time. Maybe it could be a step up from San Andreas and you could enter the house without the cops arriving to get you as soon as you step in the house. I also think that they should put the feature back in IV from Vice City, where you held the cashier at gunpoint and you would get money from them or probably even trashing a store (like in Vice City Stories) if the cashier doesn't give you anything.

RyanEmerica13 06-03-2007 07:08 PM

The original picture at the top of the thread, there is a sign that says "Hove Beach", interesting.

Lettermaniac 06-03-2007 07:18 PM

Yeah, that's probably the road towards the beach. The beach being one seen in artwork, discussed in other threads.

X-reS 06-03-2007 08:23 PM

The shots from the game looks better then the real shot. Artistically of course.

Larry Novellino 06-03-2007 10:28 PM

Fuck yeah, I've been wanting comparisons since the trailer. Nicely done, Him.

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