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victim 04-27-2007 07:08 AM

OPM UK May Edition
It appears the OPM UK May Edition has started being leaked to the public.


Key Article Points:
- Niko interacts with pedestrians e.g pushing them if they get in his way.
- Niko steals an improved Admiral, proving old cars return.
- Niko, in his mid-thirties, is on the run from a "dark past".
- The mafia take a role in the game (although not a main one).
- Pop ups are eliminated.
- Roosevelt Island appears in-game.
- "The game isn't trying to be photorealistic, but artificial intelligence needs to have a similar quality to the visuals or it's not going to hold together." Dan Houser
- If you pull a gun out everyone will scatter screaming
- One airport appears in the game. Helicopters have been confirmed by Dan as well.
- Cross developing for the PS3 and Xbox 360 has apparently been a challenge.
- Both systems have their pleasures and pains.
- The game will be online (previously only a multiplayer mode was confirmed)
- The character customization is not on par with San Andreas.
- You can see right into buildings now.
- The plot will contain "outrageous betrayals" and "jackknife reversals".
- Custom tracks isn't confirmed but it is "possible"
- Dan wants it to be a huge step up, but still similar to previous games.
- There giving us more to do in our [Niko's] leisure time.
- There will be "virtually" no returning characters. "Anyway, most of the characters we liked were dead" DH.
- The game is not as influenced by films as previous games have been.
There are only 3 more screens, but they are nice (including an excellent one of Niko in a car).

Scans can be found here.

Three new Screens:

Update: With my own bullet points of info. Added scans and new shots.

Blazer 04-27-2007 07:16 AM

Yeah the elizabetha and.... where it was developed was the only new info.... that was lame. :p I dont really expect tons of information anyway... not this early.

Lettermaniac 04-27-2007 07:39 AM

Well I look forward to the rest of the article. Thanks Victim.

victim 04-27-2007 08:17 AM

Edit: Updated.

Havok 04-27-2007 08:39 AM

Edit: take back what i said, that article is amazing, i love how awsome this sounds shit the GI version had nothing, i'm gonna love shoving the shit outta peds and i love that this one is it's own story and not as influenced as others have been. +rep

ANOTHER FUCKING EDIT: there is a better picture of the "crash" on the third scan, its the same picture just better quality or lighting.

Scott 04-27-2007 08:45 AM

Well, Dan Houser confirmed Heli's are in.

Mudviper 04-27-2007 08:57 AM

If those are the KEY points of the article I'll pass:mad: .

Ash_735 04-27-2007 08:59 AM

You see, that's why I like Rockstar, they are honest, that Interview with Dan Houser is the best, especially the part about MMOs! "It's like, 'I'm an Elf!' No you're not, you're a kid from Kent!".

WhatWhat 04-27-2007 09:00 AM

Theres quite bit new in there actually. For example "you can't customise his (Nikos) phisique but you will be able to change outfits", no bicycles etc. theres aslo a few new screens in there. Its a lot better detailed than the GI preview.

Ash_735 04-27-2007 09:10 AM

Also high res scans of character art, one new character art (the drive by one, where one guy has a shotgun) and the questions and answers are a lot more detailed, the girlfriends thing isn't like San Andreas (thank you) but will be tied in with the story, like Vice City Stories maybe? But those details are very nice.

WhatWhat 04-27-2007 09:12 AM

and online is confirmed, we had multiplayer before but now we know its online. and a possible use of the six asis on ps3.
sry about the double post im halfway through reading it lol

Ash_735 04-27-2007 09:16 AM

According to that, Sixaxis will only be used if they think it's fun, they don't want to put it in just because they can, which is a sensible thing to do.

WhatWhat 04-27-2007 09:21 AM

You're right it is. Hasn't outruled it though. Same goes with custom soundtrack, in fact Houser sounded fairly headed in that direction by what he said.

Blazer 04-27-2007 11:01 AM

Hey, good update! I cant wait till its released... come on october! lol

Goat 04-27-2007 11:02 AM


Let's face it, the whole Mafia thing feels played out anyway.
Glad to hear him say that. Am looking forward to a fresh take on everything. Another NYC/Mafia-dominated story would have been dull.

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