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POLOFOLK 03-30-2007 08:06 AM

~~~~~~~~~~ Car mods, bikes and such ~~~~~~~~~~
First off I thought the trailer was dope. Graphics look 3x better than last generation.

My hope for the game is that car modding will be bigger and more common. SA had car modding, but it didn't satisfy my modding cravings. I am not in any way expecting NEED FOR SPEED customization, but, I would like to see rim and tire shops that only let you upgrade your wheels so when you want to get your 22"s on your truck it will only be at theses tire shops. And Pro performance shops where you get your turbos, superchargers, exhaust, ect... installed. Likewise, there should be a shop that does low-rider customization, so you can get hydraulics.

As for bikes. We should be able to mod these too! Even if all we can do is custom color and NOS, that would be enough for me. I hope there are at least 10 different bikes.

I ponder when I fire the game up for the first time if I hop in a car and start driving around will I say to myself, "This is GTA" or "This does not feel like GTA" because if there is one thing that keeps me playing these GTA games still to this day, its the driving physics. Saints row driving was so piss poor it made me sick. I just hope the game feels the same.

Last thing I wanted to share.... I hope there are NO key gameplay/weapon/car/bike options that we have already seen MISSING from the game. For example, working out, and eating. Some of you might hate it that you have to eat and work out, other may love it. The point is we will all notice it gone from the game if its no where to be found.

I have no worries that GTA4 will be nothing shy of greatness.

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