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Nirvana 4 Life 03-29-2007 10:02 PM

Trailer Screens Depicted
Screen #1:

Very detailed train, lights on the back. Buildings also have added detail, with smoke coming out of the stacks. The train also has graffiti, which builds on the details and theme of LC. In top left corner, it says FlyUS, maybe an airport advertisement??? Also, theres a clothing store right next to the 99 cent sign. Also, very nice weather and lighting effects.

Screen #2:

World trade center behind the church??? Also, nice tree details and church. I can see they worked hard on the buildings.

Screen #3: 0:15

Birds!!! And very detailed ones too!!! Also, buildings have very good details like broken letters and dark, gritty water. This shot was probably taken near the docks or industrial area. Also, it looks very old. **Train says "Liberty -------" **

Screen #4:

This screenie has me most excited. Dawn lighting, very detailed and complex trees, photorealistic buildings, people sitting on steps talking. In the background it looks like a park or residential area. Car looks like a BMW, or a 95-04 type vehicle.

***My screens were messing up, so I posted the times so an experienced person can add the pictures, thanks.***

Nirvana 4 Life 03-29-2007 10:03 PM

Screen #5:

2 very tall buildings don't know there names, great lighting and sky effects, and a great example of "Real Time Construction" appears to be in the background.

Screen #6:

Roller coaster called the "screamer" Blue sports car, and 2 people walking. Setting appears to be a abandoned carnival type area.

rcguy150 03-29-2007 11:06 PM

Yes, the weather and lighting effects in this game are simply put: the best ive seen. I dont think GTAIV will be needing a weather mod :laugh:

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