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Fat Man Jim 03-16-2007 04:59 AM

Which Vehicle's would you like to see return
well in most games,they've retunred cars from time to time
so....which cars would you want to return

ill start

Kuruma(not sure if im spelling that right)

theres some more but i forget their names
lol its your choise

ivar87 03-16-2007 05:14 AM

It's Kuruma. It was an awesome car.

I'd want the Clover to return. Don't really care for the other cars. Maybe Sabre.

Lettermaniac 03-16-2007 05:17 AM

I'd like almost all the cars that have been in the past GTA's to return. Really, they all are so awesome.

Plus, a load of new ones ofcourse.

Scott 03-16-2007 06:53 AM

Sabre, Kuruma, and all the exotics, Banshee, CHeetah, Infernus etc. But the way they looked in VC.

TheNamelessGuy 03-16-2007 06:57 AM

I like the GTA3/SA Banshee more.

GameMaster 03-16-2007 07:10 AM

NRG-500 or a faster bike!

Xan 03-16-2007 07:12 AM

NRG-500 - Best bike i ever used in a GTA game, good acceleration
Banshee with the GTA3 type or similar. Best car ever.
And possibly the Bullet from GTASA

Pablo Escobar Jr. 03-16-2007 07:14 AM

Bullet, Sabre, Savanna, NRG-500, Phoenix, Banshee (GTA3), Tahoma, Majestic, Sentinal (GTA3)

fluff 03-16-2007 07:33 AM

the polaris v8(dont know if that is the right name) from vcs
the original rhino

Asif 03-16-2007 09:06 AM

The original Banshee and Rumpo ( renamed as 'Burrito' in latter games) from GTA III;
Cheetah, Infernus and Deluxo (would be great if the De Lorean DMC-12 is brought straight into GTA IV, instead of it :p) and Sabre Turbo from GTA Vice City.
Bullet and Buccaneer from GTA San Andreas.

There could be some more that I am missing

victim 03-16-2007 09:15 AM

Pretty much every car like LM said. But especially the VC Stinger, I have a bond with that car.

Goat 03-16-2007 09:32 AM


Originally Posted by Xan

Yep. Just a really good bike. I hardly ever use the cars.

A good bike with an excellent sound sytem is all I need.

Rylo 03-16-2007 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Pablo Escobar Jr.
Bullet, Sabre, Savanna, NRG-500, Phoenix, Banshee (GTA3), Tahoma, Majestic, Sentinal (GTA3)

Same, especially the savanna.

.:nemesis:. 03-16-2007 09:44 AM

Sultan, Elegy, Hotknife, Sandking, Roadtrain, Tornado, Blade, FCR 900, Cop Ranger, Sentinel, Hunter, Hydra and Rhino

Aaron 03-16-2007 10:48 AM

Kuruma was an all round good car and the FBI Kuruma in GTA3... Wow! Excellent car that should definitely return.

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