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ScoobyDoo82 10-02-2006 03:49 PM

GTA Trivia
Since GTAForums keeps having some downtime I decided to creat this topic here.

This is just to kill some time before VCS comes out. Basicly you ask a question about ANY GTA and the first person to answer the question correctly gets to ask the next question.

I'll start....

On FLASH FM from Vice City an automated voice say "Music for the ME generation" what song plays right after this quote is said?

Werdoop 10-02-2006 03:52 PM

i think this might be wrong but is it Japanese Boy?

ScoobyDoo82 10-02-2006 03:53 PM


Free Mike 10-02-2006 03:55 PM

Video killed the radio star?

ScoobyDoo82 10-02-2006 03:56 PM

incorrect, ill give a hint - "touch"

Ash_735 10-02-2006 03:57 PM

Out of Touch by Hall & Oates.

ScoobyDoo82 10-02-2006 03:58 PM

yup, ask the next question.

Ash_735 10-02-2006 03:59 PM

There is a song that was cut out on the PC and Re-release versions of Vice City. What was this song?

ScoobyDoo82 10-02-2006 03:59 PM

Lionel Richie - Running in the Night

Havok 10-02-2006 04:02 PM

what line was cut from the orignal Vice City

Ash_735 10-02-2006 04:04 PM

@ ScoobyDoo82: Correct
@ alex havok: Umberto saying "Kill The Hatians"

ScoobyDoo82 10-02-2006 04:10 PM

well he isnt in the topic anymore and its my turn to ask a question any way...

In LCS, what does the classic GTA3 "You weren't susposed to get here ya know" sign say?

Werdoop 10-02-2006 04:11 PM

You cant get enough of this alley can you?

ScoobyDoo82 10-02-2006 04:12 PM

yep, its says sign though, not alley, you're up for the next question.

Werdoop 10-02-2006 04:13 PM

How does the second person on the rusty brown ring doughnuts like to enjoy them?

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