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Llama 08-16-2005 11:45 PM

Read Before Posting
Please tag all posts in the Release/Works in Progress forum like so:

For releases, add [REL] to the beginning of the title, like so:

[REL] Penismobile Mod

For works in progress, add [WIP] to the beginning of teh title, like so:

[WIP] 2005 Honda Civic

Thank you.

Nite 08-17-2005 12:05 AM

lol @ Penismobile mod, cute example :p

even if its the same mod you want [WIP] and [REL] to be seperate threads? cause I can change the title of the first post but I can't change the main thread name

Llama 08-17-2005 12:16 AM

make a new thread when released, it makes it easier for people to navigate anyways, instead of having to go through pages and pages to find the actual final product

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