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Don 09-23-2004 05:41 AM

getting 100% - things to do:
I've noticed alot of 'I'm stuck at ..%' threads, so I decited to make a stickied thread with all the stuff you need to reach the 100% completion percentage in Vice City.
--note, this thread was in the Missions forum once, but the VC forum looks like a better place for this.

100% - you need:

All storyline missions
All side missions
All checkpoint missions
All RC missions completed
All chopper missions
All wanted garages cleared
All streetraces completed
All Asset missions completed
12 Vigilante levels completed
12 Paramedic levels completed
12 Firefighter levels completed
10 Pizza Delivery levels completed
100 Taxi Driver fares. (not in a row)
50 Ice creams sold
45+ points on the Shooter
15 assets bought
15 stores knocked off
100 Hidden Packages found
35 Rampages completed
36 Unique Jumps completed
3 stadium events completed
- 1 minute on Bloodring
- 5 minutes (or less) on Dirtring
- 1st place on Hotring

rumors are going around that 1 hidden package disappears when you use cheats, I thought this was only for the PS2 version. I had this problem once, I don't know if it was a package but I'm pretty sure it was. (checked those faqs and maps ALOT without results) Just don't use any cheats when you try to reach 100%.

I am a bad man 09-23-2004 10:41 AM

Thank you for the list, also being specific as some checklists just say "do the dirtring" - without saying it must be done in 5 minutes, which is what I'm hoping is the last thing I have to do.

Mercury 09-23-2004 06:48 PM

the most impossible ones to do are:

All checkpoint missions
All RC missions
45+ points on the Shooter
100 Hidden Packages found
36 Unique Jumps completed

I cant beat those ever, the Rc missions are so impossible I need codes on to beat them or I can't beat them, Evan with codes there still impossible.

King Cobra 09-23-2004 06:52 PM

I think the RC missions are pretty easy, so are the checkpoint missions, in my opinion.

I am a bad man 09-24-2004 02:36 AM

Damn - I did the Dirt rng in less than 5 minutes, but I'm still at 99%.

But I looked at my stats and my fastest time for the RC Baron was 345:47 which seems a bit odd, so I may not have won that race when I did it. Do you have to place first on it?

I have won the RC Bandit race and completed the RC pickup in about 5:28

I hope it's the RC Baron cos I'm getting a bit mad now at being stuck at 99% after doing all that work, esp the Paramedic missions - took ages and you have to be careful not to damage the mbulance too much or run over the patients (did that once at level 8 - doh!)

Thundercracker 09-24-2004 06:40 AM

You must place in 1st for any type of race, so yes.

I am a bad man 09-24-2004 09:33 AM

Thanks - I'll have a go tonight, I probably did that race about two years ago when I was just messing about so I can't remember what happened!

Don 09-24-2004 01:49 PM

Having trouble with the Dirtring missions? here's a usefull glitch :D

take teh sanchez and go to the statium when the Dirtring missions are up. drive into the door, with the sanchez, and get off. then IMMEDIATLY jump on the bike again, before the mission loads.
Now, you'll be inside the stadium with 2 sanchez's, the one from the mission and the one you took in. (you're sitting on the one you took inside the building)
so, get all the checkpoints with the sanchez from outside. since you're not sitting on the one from the mission, the timer doesn't start. once you've collected all the checkpoints, get on the mission's sanchez to complete the mission. your stat is now 0:00 secs on dirtring :D

I hope you can understand this since i got the feeling that I explained this like shit lol

King Cobra 09-24-2004 06:06 PM

lol, you did, i didnt know about that, pretty cool, but i already completed the stadium missions, so there is no use of it using it now, besides that i can break my record. :D

QuentinVance 09-25-2004 12:42 AM

I dont know what you guys are saying about '5 mins on the sanchez'.

On the PC version at least, there is no time limit to the Dirtring Stadium mission, as long as it is completed. I know of no such limit on the XBOX or PS2 versions either. I can prove this personally - my time was around 12 minutes, and I have a 100% game.

The biggest reason everyone gets stuck at 99% is because of:

This has been posted millions of times, but here it is again:

You must do the shooter mission (the shooting range at the Ammunation near the stadium) AFTER the mission where you do it with Phil. You must get over 45 points.

To get this the easy way, then what you do is shoot the bodies BUT NOT the heads of the front two targets. Then, just keep shooting the 3rd target out with all your ammo, and you will get over 50-55 points as long as you are not a bad shot. The back target is worth 3 points - the front and middle targets are 1 & 2 points respectively.

The other main reason is that the robbery missions are not done properly. The best thing to do is rob each store, and as soon as you exit the store check your completion list in the menu to confirm that the store has been added to the tally. Sometimes the alarm will go off but you may not get the mark on your tally.

The RC missions aint that bad, the most annoying one is the buggy one, as you dont get much time to make mistakes. You pretty much have to do it without going off the track at all. Personally, the Ambulance mission was the hardest, I find the easiest hospital to use is the one in Vice Point (by the north city mall).

Hope that helps some of ya.

jonesy 09-25-2004 02:03 AM

Re: getting 100% - things to do:

Originally posted by Don
- 5 minutes (or less) on Dirtring
At least for the PC version, this is incorrect. I've just completed 100% (had forgotten to save one chopper mission and Trial by Dirt).

My Dirtring time, however, is a pathetic 19:16!!!

So the less than 5 mins thing is wrong. :wink2:

Don 09-25-2004 07:38 AM

hehe okay.. I didn't knew :p

my dirtring record is 3:41.. yep.
I got really lucky when I needed just one attempt for each checkpoint

LateNight 09-25-2004 03:27 PM

You have to sell icecream too?

Personally, I've shyed away from the side stuff, like even the rampages, and especially the stunts. You're just risking Tommy's life that way, and if he ends up in the hospital or in jail, you just have to buy him another $$ arsenal $$ - and money is scarce in Vice City. Well, lets' just say it's well earned.

Who wants to keep resetting the game? Though I've done plenty of that too.

Don 09-26-2004 06:50 AM

I never reset or load because I died, that's stupid:p
I like to mess around with the game. Killing peope and getting killed is cool :D
money isn't scarce anymore.. well not for me;)

tip: DO VIGILANTE MISSIONS! youll get loads, and loads of money. I got $25.000.000+ per level, reaching level 703

King Cobra 09-26-2004 08:08 AM

I always do some Vigilante missions just for the heck of it. I also dont think money is scarce, not for me at least, since i always pick up my money from my properties. and as Don said, i also like going outside to kill some peds. :D

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