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tribulator 06-07-2014 05:43 PM

Traction control
I'm new here, but not new to modding gta. Gta 4 has stayed fun for a long time due to mods, especially car models and modifying the handling to my liking. One thing i wish this game had built in is a traction control option, its hard to make a super car accelerate as it should when you have way too much power through 2nd or even 3rd gear but is an amount you feel makes it accelerate like it would in real life in the top end. It is hard to feather the throttle on a 360 controller mostly because one third of the trigger pull distance is a dead zone in this game.

Does anyone know of a mod, or even something i might have missed in the handling flags that allows enabling traction control?

If not, i think someone who scripts good could create a mod that either did this:
In 1st gear car has drive force .39 in second gear car has drive force .44 etc. that we would modify ourselves depending on how much grip our vehicle has.

Or this:
reverse the function of abs? If i want abs it isn't hard to find a value that still makes the car stop fast that doesn't lock the tires.

I have literally wanted traction control since like 2010 when i first fell in love with modding the handling of vehicles in gta 4. Any input to help with this matter would be awesome and really appreciated. If there isn't already a way to do this and someone would have to make it, i could probably even come up with a reward like buying you a game on steam.

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