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trojannemo 05-03-2014 06:18 PM

Game crashes after a while of playing? And a few other issues
Hi guys. Thanks to anyone who is still around this many years later and might be of help.

I'm having a few issues, with only the first one being major:
1) If I play eating crap for a long time, nothing seems to go wrong (so far). But if I'm doing a mission, it randomly crashes to desktop at different locations and in different cars and in different missions. I haven't been able to find a pattern yet
2) In trying to spawn all the vehicles I've replaced (see below), I noticed that Simple Native Trainer refuses to load a bunch of them, even though I can see some of them driving around and I can steal them. I wanted to spawn every single car I've modified to eliminate that as a cause, but this is happening
3) Sometimes the textures just disappear, so if I'm at the airport, I see my car hovering over the ocean water, for example. Or buildings disappear, etc.
4) When I got into a cab for one of the early missions, the cab driver kept driving into alleyways and crashing into buildings. I ended up getting out and driving myself there because it was taking so long...

What are the typical causes of the above?

My PC specs: i7 @3.4Ghz (stock), 8GB DDR3 Ram, Windows 8.1 Pro, Samsung 840 Pro SSD (where Windows and steam/the game are installed), EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked 2GB, Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme sound card, and liquid cooling (so it's not overheating) I think that's more than enough for this game.

I got the game through Steam, so it's version

I have CryENB v1 installed, have manually replaced about 90 vehicles (editing their handling, carcol, vehicle lines correctly as well), and have Simple Native Trainer running. I also have Traffic Flow to deal with the Taxi bug.

I have also installed a few HD texture replacements that either came with ENBs or I downloaded from here.

One of the suggestions I found online was to disable DEP for the game...Windows 8.1 is saying that this game can't be run without DEP, that DEP must be enabled for it. So I can't disable it.

I will try a clean install and continue troubleshooting on my own, but I'd like some help. The only reason I decided to play GTA IV (I skipped all versions after GTA: VC until GTAV came out) was because I saw how nice it could look modded. I don't think I'll play through it without mods, so I really want to make the mods work well.

Thanks in advance.

Killerfist 05-04-2014 05:08 AM

First off.. if you install new cars you should always try to start with a new game, parked cars that have been modified after the savegame are usually causing issues when you load that savegame again. That could be the cause of your game freezing up

The disappearing textures could have various reasons, do you have trafficload.ini in your main folder? It's an anti-taxibug but can sometimes be too heavy on your pc and cause texture problems (no matter how good your pc is)

I'd indeed recommend a clean install and taking it slow, don't install too many mods at once (so you can see which ones cause the most problems) and try to go easy on the car mods. In my experience you can install as many player and weapon mods as you want but car mods can do damage to performance if you install too much of them along with a taxibug fix.

Personally I'd refrain from installing those HD textures, they look nice but the game runs alot smoother without them

trojannemo 05-05-2014 01:43 PM

I have been doing just that. I have a clean install backed up, and I add something and play with it. So far what's causing the crashes is down to the HD textures that come with CryENB or CryENB itself. I'm more leaning towards the HD textures at this point, but have yet to prove that.

I have now modified vehicles.img, carcols.dat, handling.dat, vehicles.ide, as well as dsound.dll and scripthook.dll to run the simple native trainer and traffic control scripts.

I have been able to play a bunch of missions beyond the normal time before it would crash with no crashes so far.

I will continue testing and see what the cause is. I would really like to be able to keep CryENB, the game without ENBs does not look even half as good.

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