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UndeadCreepshow 05-02-2014 05:00 PM

New to GTA 4 modding. Just a quick question.
I am just curious as to what is the best graphics mod that a medium spec pc can handle or one that has a tweaker where you can edit settings to your liking? I know there are some mods that have a Low Spec version and a High Spec version but i'm just reaching out to the modding community to the people that have been here awhile to figure out which one would be the best to go with. Thanks :)

Killerfist 05-05-2014 05:24 AM

I'd go for VisualIV (not sure which version it's currently on) it's a small graphics mod but still makes the game look alot better, I believe I had 1.7.5 back in the day

tribulator 06-08-2014 12:30 AM

VisualIv is what i prefer and i have a somewhat high end pc. Very high end from 2010 lol. I have tried enb a few times and its fun playing a game and feeling like your at the theater but if you drive fast modded cars through traffic 15 to 30 frames isn't very acceptable(1080p). I always revert back to Visual. Enb needs a very high end video card and runs best on nvidia.

The settings i have used through out 98% of the time i play gta and what is probably best for a midrange computer are:

VisualIV 1.7.8
Negligible performance loss, should be less than 2 percent.
To get 1.7.8 you first download 1.7.5 and install that version. then 1.7.8 only includes and updated timecyc file which overwrite the one included with 1.7.5

Texture mod
You should consider the size of your vram and also the bandwith of it. It shouldn't be too hard to try it to see if you get texture popins and/or reduced performance and switch to your BACKED UP files if needed. I will try to remember to check my vram usage with Ultimate Textures v2.0 and report back to you.

Simple commandline file options if you have enough overhead on your gpu or cpu depending on the option.
I have 2 options that would use the gpu in my commandline file which are:
reflection and shadow resolution set to 2048
and one set which would use the cpu:
force high spec audio (honestly im not even sure if that's a real or necessary option but worst case im wasting a couple bytes of storage space lol, somehow completely fake commandline options get thrown around in forums sometimes)

I have a couple minor graphics mods for trees and foliage but i think they are included in the visualiv mod nowadays.

For me all these have a very minor impact on performance and i play at 50 plus frames. maybe a rare drop to 45. You will be surprised how much VisualIV improves the graphics at almost no performance cost. I like to mod cars and get in high speed pursuits and just speed through town etc. So i highly prefer the above mods but if your main concern is pretending your at the movies or showing off to friends icenhancer is the go to enb mod. You are not supposed to tinker with any of the games files other than textures so if you go this route do not install visualiv. But as said ultimate textures or other texture mods are fine and will improve the experience. Commandline parameters will work fine but be unnecessary as enb increases the resolutions of shadows etc. The icenhancer mod already includes many things other than basic enb and is basically a 100% complete gta graphics mod pack in which nothing else is needed but a good texture pack.

for reference my pc is as follows:
6970 lightning 2gb clocked at 986 and 1450 40 to 55 percent gpu usage
8gb ddr3 1333
phenom 2 x6 @ 3.8 ghz i will report back on average usage i assume low since i have only ever seen gta use 3 cores well or 4 poorly
2xcrucial 64 gb ssd in raid 0 (boot and certain games including gta4)

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