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gtahelp 04-29-2014 01:26 AM

Player Models HELP!?
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Im having trouble with my player models. Niko as well as other peds are deformed and somewhat disfigured can anyone help me? it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!

Killerfist 04-29-2014 09:18 AM

What kind of mods did you install prior to this happening?

gtahelp 04-29-2014 01:32 PM

I've been having this problem from the very beginning. Their were mods in the game already when i downloaded. I'm using wine to run the program with my mac: Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB ,4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3. OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) . Wonder if thats why im having no success, maybe my graphics card not strong enough? Or maybe i need to find a clean program? I'm relatively a noob to this. So thanks for responding!!

Killerfist 04-29-2014 02:07 PM

Just buy the game and save yourself alot of trouble, it's not that expensive anymore

gtahelp 04-29-2014 04:01 PM

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i absolutely have no problem buying it. its only 20 bucks...i just dont wanna buy it and the same thing occurs.. Thanks tho! but i guess ill give it a try.


Bought the game and the same thing occurs. This is SO frustrating!!

Killerfist 04-30-2014 09:23 AM

That's really odd, did you install any mods right away? Try to reinstall the game and let it update to the latest patch, then play the clean version without mods first to see if the problem occurs

gtahelp 04-30-2014 01:07 PM

tell me about it. I didnt install any mods right away. i just downloaded . i let it update. and pressed play thru steam. and from the very beginning i get the same problem. man this sucks.

Killerfist 04-30-2014 02:53 PM

I've never seen this issue before, I tried searching for it on google but I can't find anyone suffering from the same issue

I'm assuming your hardware is able to handle the game?

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