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BackY 01-07-2014 09:49 PM

Can't find a beginer's tutorial anywhere ..
Hey guys, can someone please help me find the beginner's guide to add a mod?
I just downloaded the Bugatti Veyron mod, but I have absolutely no CLUE where to start adding it..

Killerfist 01-08-2014 05:59 AM

You should start with updating your game to the latest patch (or patch at the very least)

Most mods are installed through either SparkIV or OpenIV (SparkIV is imo the best program for beginners). So just download SparkIV for now, you can always get OpenIV later

Keep in mind that mods in gta IV replace original files instead of adding new ones so make sure you backup your entire gta 4 folder. Or if you don't have the HDD space to make a complete backup, make sure you backup the files you're going to replace first.

In car mods you get a .wtd and .wft file, open up SparkIV. Select 'browse' then navigate to pc/models/cdimages.

In that folder you'll have a few cdimages, amongst them there's 'vehicles.img' which is for vehicles as you might've guessed, weapons.img for the obvious and playerped.rpf for player clothes. componentpeds.img is for pedesterian models.

Now you said that you got a vehicle mod so just open up the vehicles.img (double click) and select the import button. Now select the .wft and .wtd file that came with the mod and import those. The files you replaced should now be highlighted in blue, hit 'save' and you're done. Weapons and clothes are done in the same way (only you'd need to open those other .img files).

The only difference with other mods is that vehicles have a .wft file instead of a .wdr file. But SparkIV never let's you import files that you're not suppose to (it'll give an error message) so don't worry.

Last note: some car mods (just read the readme that comes with it) are designed to replace any car you want, in that case you'll have to rename it to an existing car you want to replace (otherwise sparkIV won't import it).

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