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airassault54 11-25-2013 05:40 PM

GTA V Gameplay Problems( Post! )
I am going to rant off about the gameplay problems that i think should be fixed.

Their is little to no enter-able buildings in the game that use can hold out weapons in. I believe the only ones that u can use guns in is the store.

They need to add in more Gang Related stuff into the online like how RDR was with gang hideouts. U should be able to complete them and once u complete them u could use for base and they could work with you.

Connection issues.

No ability to take off pedestrians or cops--- It sucks because it wont let me do a Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay now :(

Cell phone calling in game

Wish you could play with more then 16 people

Wish that u couldnt roll more then a couple times in a row.

Their should be more 16 person Deathmatch and LTS Maps

I will Post in more problems with the game! If you guys have problems post them in here and complain muahahaha :) I will try and send this up to Rock* Games

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