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itsolegit 11-12-2013 12:33 AM

GTA IV SMPA 60 Fatal Error Issue
(I am running GTA IV on my PC and I have adequate gaming power) My issue is when I start GTA, it spawns me at playboy x's safehouse location and I seem to be trapped in a bubble that I can't leave in the surrounding area.
Basically I start the game leave the building, steal a car, and begin driving in any direction really, and I get about a block away from the safehouse in any direction and then the screen turns blue, and the game crashes and it says "fatal error smpa60 please restart the game." There is no lag before the game crashes, it just suddenly goes blue. I am trapped in a bubble about a block in vicinity. If I die, game crashes, if I get in a taxi and skip the drive, it crashes, if I get a wanted level that brings in a helicopter, it crashes, if I leave the area, it crashes, if I attempt to fly away in a helicopter, it crashes, if I try to save the game, it crashes, if I try to start a new game, it crashes... I'm stuck.
Some solutions say to move all the cars out of the save spots, which I have done on the only one I can access without the game crashing, but because I can't leave this bubble, I can't move cars at other safehouses, and I can't save the game the game after moving the only car I can because saving the game makes it crash.
I restored the original car files and removed all mods, which was another solution, but still, no difference.
This problem is extremely frustrating.
What is weird, is that the area that I seem to be trapped in around the playboy x safehouse, is an area that the game would crash if i drove into from outside. For example going towards the top of the map on that long straight road, if I went up too high, the game would crash about a block away from playboy x's safehouse with the same error. Also, I never saved my game there, because I couldn't, and the game put me there by itself, and here I am stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

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