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Son606 11-02-2013 08:02 AM

Which online is better? GTA 4 or GTA 5
Now the way I see it GTA 5 online has way more things for you to do and is more custom, but the freemode on GTA 4 seems more fun to me as you can do stuff with other players without them killing you all the fucking time just for the hell of it.

GTA 5 freemode in a way is awful as everything is all about money and it takes for ever to get a high rank and the bad sport thing is stupid too as you only get it for blowing up personal vehicles, not for killing other players in freemode, you should be punished for that more, that kinda stuff is what deathmatches are for, so what is the solution? oh go in passive mode where it costs money and you can still get shot when driving and you can get runover too. It says if you are a good sport you get periodic rewards, well what are they because I stayed good for a while and nothing happened. So I just said the hell with this its getting boring so I just got a tank and went on a rampage and now I have a dunces hat!

GTA 4s freemode had friendly fire and cops off which they shoulda kept in GTA 5. Bad thing about GTA 4 is the hackers and the fact everyone would just go to the airport.

So what are your thoughts?

j_harvill 11-02-2013 08:52 AM

I like GTAO better than GTA 4s online. All 4 had to offer was free roam. The other game types sucked besides bomb da base.

The whole rank thing doesn't really bother me to much. It gives people something to work for. It creates unfair advantages at times for lower ranked people. But it's still a lot more fun to me.

Big Fella 11-04-2013 12:34 AM

You must have got lucky playing 4 free mode. Most of the time I tried to play free mode it was like playing deathmatch. Even if they have friendly fire off they still get rockets and shot it at you.

As for 5, I don't think you get a bad sport if you blow up other players vehicles. You do have to pay for it. I had someone blow up my car, when I called to get it back, the guy that blew it up had to pay for it. You become a bad sport by leaving missions and stuff. I have gotten a $1,000 a few times for being a good sport. It really doesn't take long to rank up if you do missions and stuff. If all you do is hang out in free mode, you won't gain a lot of rank. I do think if you go into passive mode, they shouldn't be able to kill you in your car. Or blow it up. Paying $100 isn't a lot of money to make it like friendly fire and cops off.

Personally I like 5 a lot better. I like the online and how they are making it like MMO game. Much better single player story too.

ska 11-04-2013 11:02 AM

I don't particularly enjoy either of them, although I've played more of IV's online.

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