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DodgeViperSRT10 10-27-2013 10:10 AM

Discussion/Ideas for next GTA
Hey, everybody. I created this thread simply for gathering our ideas for the next GTA game. Well, agian to mods, if you feel that it's in the wrong place, then feel free to move it.

Well, I haven't played GTA V yet and I can't do that before the PC version comes out (-.-), but it sounds and looks awesome to me. But I still have quite a lot of ideas for the next one.

I think R* should make the new one set in present-day Vice City. But I surely believe they should also extend it. I mean, there's more to South Florida than just Miami. Maybe they could also add the Everglades, West Palm Beach and Florida Keys. As for "Why Vice?" I say that
1) VC was my favorite location, also for RL - I personally really love Miami.
2) If R* already made Liberty City and Los Santos in HD, Vice City also deserves to be made in HD
3) There's nothing wrong with Los Santos, but as for RL, for me it would be time to take a break from West Coast for a while. And besides, couldn't they have included San Fierro and Las Venturas in GTA V?
As for Liberty City, I think it's good, but a bit of overused - already in 7 games if you count in the DLCs too (GTA III; GTA Advance; GTA LC Stories; GTA IV; TLAD; TBOGT; Chinatown Wars)
4) The original Vice City was set in 1987, and the later VC Stories in 1984. And I surely believe that in RL, Miami has changed quite a lot over these 30 years, and obviously, so would change Vice City. XD

So these are just my thoughts for starters, I'm gonna add my views of the potential new Vice later here. But if you might happen to have some other thoughts on the next GTA or want to add your thoughts, feel free to do it here.

Hacker379 09-10-2014 12:02 PM

I do not think rockstar games will make a another either
I think they gonna make another game (include GTA) I think Grand Theft Auto V is the last version of GTA's
I am waiting for GTA V PC can't wait to see it
rockstar games,games was very cool the old one of them was Max Payne 2 & GTA San Andreas
the high quality one the best was Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC
is that why they made a lot of sites about GTA [GTA Forums,GTAGaming,GTA-Modding,etc]
but a thing GTA San Andreas is the old one but never gets old
I love GTA SA a lot of them other GTA's

Edit : but it will be good rockstar remake GTA III,VC,SA,VCS,LCS,CW for PC

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