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RenanMilk 09-24-2013 01:07 PM

Adding carcol lines?
I have a few car mods that need new color lines in carcol, but I don't entirely understand how it works, being that the new lines already have colors with the same value attached to it. Here's an example:

Saleen S281 Extreme Unmarked Police Car, edited and converted by Vertelvis.

The stock line for #8 is "165,169,167,-,silver # 8 silver stone poly"

Vertelvis requires that I add this line "30,30,30,-,grey # 8 Dark Gray (Vertelvis)"

What do? I assume I can't leave Vertelvis's line with the #8 value since the stock line already has that number. I don't particularly wanna go replacing lines either cause won't that screw with other car colors?

btw first thread/post ever on this forum. Tried modding a few years back and got a trojan because of it. Put it down until now and everything is working flawlessly.

First Person mod
Vulgadrop ENB
Trees ModIV 1.1
VIVA New York
Simple Trainer
... and several car mods

Sweet Jesus it's like a new game.

Naruto 607 10-23-2013 03:09 AM

What is the last number of the color lists in carcols.dat? Try add it after that and change #8 to the last number plus one. For example: last number of the color lists in carcols.dat is #255. Add it under #255 and change it to #256 (255 + 1 = 256).
Then, once you are done, change the number 8 that posted in color line, for example: fbi, x,8,x to fbi, x,256,x.
I've tried this method in GTA San Andreas and it works flawlessly. ;)

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