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Killerfist 09-23-2013 06:47 PM

For those that finished the main story.. (spoiler obviously)
What was your psychiatric report? (on the social club website you can find it under career->missions)


From the office of Dr Isiah Friedlander
Client Notes - Highly Confidential

Hmmmm... words fail me.
Cannot make up mind - seemingly about anything.
At times can really embrace his hypocrisy.
Probably end up in the poor house - still should pay for my ski chalet.
Possibly repressed.
Seeks out love… in wrong places.
Lazy and solipsistic - then again, family is awful.
Greedy, prone to gambling - likely cause of addiction - remember to sell book.
Psychopath or sociopath? Both.
Serial thief.
Not very into yoga, it seems.
Psychotic about most things, but not exercise.
Makes friends easily - what kind of people I dread to think.
Easily distracted.
In my professional opinion, this one is a fucking nut job.
Oh and does anyone have any idea what the report is based on? Just the choices you make in the conservations with the therapist or some stuff about your playstyle aswell?

gta4crazy1 09-23-2013 10:58 PM

This was mine.


From the office of Dr Isiah Friedlander
Client Notes - Highly Confidential

So needy and vain.
Definitely incapable of making a real decision.
Will find ageing very problematic.
Classic consumer, trying to fill spiritual void with material possessions - should try to sell them a lot of my books, CDS etc.
Creepy with women.
Has some moral boundaries, it seems - just nowhere near enough.
Spends time with family - and manages not to kill them - maybe a possible sign of progress?
Wisely invests money - in insane speculations.
Terrifyingly insular.
Yoga? Wow! It's not working very well.
Definitely not a fitness freak - just a freak.
Easily distracted and eager to try new things, meet new people, cause new trouble!
Struggles to see things through to the end - sometimes.
Will make me retire... and emigrate.
Seems like its based off the stuff you mentioned. At least it looks that way

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