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atdray 09-23-2013 02:22 AM

Cars disappearing
Find a nice car, steal it, customize it to your liking, park it in your safe house garage. Nice.

Switch characters, play a bit, switch back, go to get your car from that garage, it's gone. All that money you spent, on that nice car, it's gone.

Why? Anybody else experiencing this? I bought the CE edition, and so far, the cars I've stored in the garages that come with the CE have not disappeared, but the cars you store in the garages of your safe house, well... they're not so safe. I've had two vanish on me. Kinda bs.

Havok_Jro 09-23-2013 04:33 AM

I managed to lose a futo I spent over 15k on, a bike I spent 10k buying and then the extra tuning it and painting it and then I lost a bullet.

This game is serious bullshit for cars disappearing.

Misanthrope 09-23-2013 05:18 AM

I gave up on customizing any cars except for the ones that the characters own. This car thing is my only real gripe. I either don't have, or can't notice the other problems, like pop-up. I really hope that a fix comes down the pipe eventually.

SanFan 09-23-2013 05:28 AM

If you really want to keep the cars, you can save them in the bigger garage. They won't dissappear from there, but its more of a hassle to use em that way.

jwrebholz 09-23-2013 07:45 AM

I've been having this problem too. I've lost somewhere on the order of $60K worth of vehicles.

Also, keep an eye on your car if you leave it parked on the street. I had a Bravado Gauntlet STOLEN as I was taking a picture of it. Dude just hopped in and drove off! If you let it get out of sight, it's gone forever!

codman 09-23-2013 08:45 AM

Alright here is what I've found.. I experienced this myself and needless to say.. it sucked. Rockstar acknowledges this as a bug and are working to fix it. While we wait I can recommend that you never drive a car to a mission, it will most likely disappear. The impound lot also seems sketchy at best, sometimes it will impound random stolen cars for me overwriting one of the two slots(erasing a pimped out car).

So basically drive your car out of the garage... and then when you are done drive it back in(Freeroam fuckery is still a bit of a risk if you get killed or have to switch cars to dodge the cops because of the buggy impound lot). Pretty bullshit on rockstar's part.. Seems like a bug you would find within a few hours of gameplay the first time you take your very first ride to a mission. I doubt we will we get a patch before GTA:O.. but who knows.

gta4crazy1 09-23-2013 02:37 PM

I lost a fully modded Gauntlet because it never made it to the impound. Just straight up disappeared. And within a 3 minute time frame, the sentinel I was driving ended up in the impound. I feel like 4 did a better job with cars staying for a decent period of time.

Algonquin 09-23-2013 02:44 PM

i have had cars disappear from my garage and the door refuse to open, and oddly a restart fixed it.

But they REALLY need to fix this impound system.

Also i'd have liked to be able to SET my default car, and not be given one. but that's a minor gripe.

codman 09-23-2013 04:28 PM

Yea man, definitely do not use your safehouse garages for anything you care about. 4 car garages are the only ones that work . They need to fix everyfucking thing related to storing cars, R* dropped the ball hard here with modding being a large and expensive activity.

I had to redo a mission(not a big deal but still... shouldn't have to) because I put probably 70-100k into a car that despawned and was not losing my first wad of cash.

TGF 09-23-2013 04:47 PM

I had a Bullet and Comet in Michael's garage. Had them there ages, they were always there.

40 to 50 hours of gameplay they were there, pretty much since the beginning of the game. I go to the garage not even 5 minutes ago, and they are gone.

I kind of wish you could change a character's main car. The only thing you can do with cars you trick out and spend thousands and thousands on is cram them in a storage garage, or put them in your home garage just to risk disappearing. REALLY makes me feel like spending million(s) on a car online just to have that happen.

Really though, Michael's main car is just ridiculous. Looks like something a short, fat, bald, limp-dicked Jew would drive. Then again, it was his dumbass curly headed son that did it. Wish I had a actual goddamn say in it.

gta4crazy1 09-23-2013 08:45 PM

I wish you could fit more than 4 cars in the big garage. I feel kinda robbed. lol

TGF 09-23-2013 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by gta4crazy1 (Post 2304088)
I wish you could fit more than 4 cars in the big garage. I feel kinda robbed. lol

Fucking definitely this.

First of all I want to say, I am anything but a SR fanboy. But the way the garage worked in that game (SR 3 at least), was the way it should have worked in V.

Basically, you put a car in the garage, you can mod it all you want, and it is stored like it is. You can select it, do what ever you want with it, but if you abandon it, it will go right back in the garage for whenever the fuck you want it next. I think you have to pay the damages done to it though next time you select it. Which isn't a problem, at LEAST you can fucking KEEP it and the thousands worth of mods you put in it.

I was really hoping it would work this way, almost expecting it to with a goddamn huge garage basically JUST FOR storing cars but NOPE.

You can store those stupid goddamn fucking "special" cars, but not ones you spend $20,000+ on? If anything, I'd say the ones I spend that much are fucking special to ME you fucking twats, why can't I fucking permanently fucking store them?

SR may be pleb tier compared to GTA, but really, it wouldn't hurt to take at least some notes R* FGDFS son.

Legham 09-23-2013 10:47 PM

They know about it and they're working on it:

gta4crazy1 09-23-2013 10:49 PM

The idea of the big garage is great. I love how they have it set up. I was just hoping it would be similar to the Staunton Island garage off of GTA 3, but would hold 3 to 4 times the cars. If I remember correctly, the Staunton Island garage only held 2, but you could glitch like 4 or 5 if i remember.

The GTA 5 special garages look like they could at least hold 8. Even that would be great.

I totally agree about the SR garages too. I guess thats just one of the things that separate GTA from SR though..

jwrebholz 09-26-2013 09:10 AM

Good news--it's possible cars lost in your safehouse garages to come back. My Ruiner disappeared from Franklin's garage a few days ago. Today I happened to look in there just for S&G and it was back!

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