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Avis 09-20-2013 09:58 AM

Investing in GTA (Spoilers)
Found some good info on Investing in the GTA world.

Below is document containing a list of business and their competiors:

I found this info on Reddit


These are the rivals of every company, which you are going to need. There are a few ways to know how to invest. Before we start I noticed two things. At the end I will question those

First the days donít seem to pass without playing missions. In the stock exchange graph the days donít seem to pass when youíre just doing your thing. Only after missions it will change a day or a few days. I believe this will freeze the stock market a lot and make it only change very slowly. So randomly investing doesn't seem to work. Only the hints you get will increase or decrease significantly when not playing missions. Can anyone confirm this? And how will this be when there are no story missions left and what if the side missions are completed too. Will it go its own way? If you can confirm please react on this topic

1. Lester:

We will start with the Lester missions. These are very easy. When you do a Lester mission with franklin invest in the stocks he names in the conversation (can also be found in the pic). Watch out with vapid. Buy these after the mission is done. This is a very good way to get it right. You may also notice some stock info in his other conversations.

2. Stock exchange website:

As I just recently found out. The news on the right side of both of the stock exchange websites means a lot. They tell you where not to invest. But also where to invest. Lets say it says: goPastal has gone profitless. You shouldnít invest in goPostal of course. But some one has to take the market. Invest in the rivals company as shown in the picture. These should rise .

On a side note. How does one make sure a picture fits the page and isn't huge?

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