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Lynk 09-18-2013 09:25 AM

The PS3 80029564 error & Rockstar/Sony's ineptitude
Long Rant Incoming: TL;DR and all that jazz

I'm a huge fan of both Rockstar games & Sony Playstation, and have been buying their products for the best part of 15 years, From Smugglers Run all the way through to LA Noire and now currently GTAV. I'm a huge Rockstar games fan. The fact I'm a member on one of their fansites for nearly 10 years shows that.
So it hurts me to say this, but their reputation in my eyes has been damaged by the past 48 hours.

For those of you who aren't aware there is a huge issue currently occurring with the downloadable version on the Playstation Network. The " 80029564" error has blighted many users and prevented them from successfully installing the game. Users would complete the download only for the installer to encounter an error at the 14% marker. The game stands at 17.2GB, a sizeable download for anyone, let alone those on modest internet packages. Those with download limits surely have been hit the hardest. I'm grateful, I've managed to upgrade my package to where it isn't an issue.

Sony pointed the finger at Rockstar, certain members on the Playstation forum pointed the fingers firmly at Sony. I however, strongly blame both. Rockstar are culpable for providing a glitchy installer, that has been replaced twice on Playstation Store. The first download stood at 16GB, the second at 17.2 and now the current stands at 18GB's. Sony are also culpable, for putting this on their store. For their absolutely awful consumer help service who said it would be fixed at 4PM GMT yesterday. It should have been sorted days before hand, and the download should have been tested before going public. I rarely download games anyway, I thought it would be an easier option given my schedule this week, but I was proven wrong. If the same issue occured with the physical copies of the game, if consumers put the disc in the console only to find errors, there would be uproar. A massive PR shitstorm, but currently it's only a bubble in a wave.

I hope it's resolved soon, I am on my third download. Each one has taken 7 hours of my time. The first corrupted at the install stage, the second downloaded to 99% only to reset itself to 0% and I'm in the process of downloading the third now, half way in, 3 and a half hours to go. And between the second and the third, Sony cancelled my pre-order, only to force me to re-buy a game I bought 2 weeks ago, without any of the pre-order bonuses. I really do feel Rockstar/Sony should refund/reward those who have been effected in some way. A lot of money has been wasted by fans of your game.

For those of you with issues, visit the official Playstation Forum for updates and best of luck.

darkdevilx 09-19-2013 12:17 AM

truly sad to hear mate, thats the reason i left playstation years ago and went to xbox, even though i have to pay to play online it works almost always as it should. hope your problems will be fixed fast though and if sony really wants to keep there customers they should give them help/refunds if needed so there gamers can enjoy gta v asap,

Ash_735 09-19-2013 01:55 AM

It is now fixed, and please don't try and start a console war, we don't do that shit here.

Lynk 09-19-2013 05:35 AM

It's fixed...but now I don't have any of the pre-order bonuses I ordered. Cheers Rockstar/Sony.

darkdevilx 09-19-2013 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by Ash_735 (Post 2303727)
It is now fixed, and please don't try and start a console war, we don't do that shit here.

yes i understand, we def dont do that shit, as long as we can curse its all good.:facepalm:

Ash_735 09-19-2013 01:14 PM

If you're offended by swearing, then I don't think you should even be playing GTA V, you're going to have a break down when you get to Trevor. :P

darkdevilx 09-20-2013 02:37 AM

yea thats true, i killed the most folks with him already, only did like 3 missions haha

Xan 09-20-2013 08:19 AM

According to Digital Foundry the downloadable version of GTAV from PSN has severe streaming issues and recommends sticking to Bluray versions


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