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notacop12 08-13-2013 06:06 PM

loading problems, plz help!!
ihave the iron man iv mod and a couple of more small mods like cars. i cant even do missions because my world cant load the small things u can do like changing clothes or in the missions case going to the car wash. Sometimes doors will look like walls, also whenever i go down hills theyre barely loaded in and i cnt see where im going.. by now u get it, my game can barely load crap. any fixes for this?

eli 08-13-2013 06:22 PM

Have you had these problems before you installed mods? Maybe a good way to (try to) fix this, is to make a fresh installation and check if you still have the problems. Then install every mod 1 by 1 and check per installation if you have the same problems.

Cosmic Joker 08-24-2013 02:27 AM

Download and run. It is a diagnostic tool to show you where the issues may be coming from, especially if you have done any mods.

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