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tunafish 08-12-2013 06:40 PM

Request: Can somebody stop this jeep from rolling?
There's a real nice '84 jeep cherokee made by Olegator in the vehicles section.
However, something is really wrong when its accelerating/reversing. The struts or some other part of the frame are somehow not attached properly and cause them to rotate 90deg and thus trying to go around a turn in this thing at >5mph is like going around a corner while driving a three story house at 90mph.....timber!!!
I used to have a '90 jeep and yes they certainly rock around the corners but this is a clear glitch. I don't know anything about modding when it comes to gta IV---modding for GTA I was much more simple, one .bmp with about a dozen variations on the same icon sized car, but even that I wasnt great at ;P.
If anybody could help update this 99% finished car it would be very much appreciated by me and anybody else that ends up downloading it.

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