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Leedaviesuk 08-09-2013 04:41 AM

Need help modding gta iv
Hey guys, ive tried so many different typed of mods, but i always run into an issue somewhere along the line. The best graphically ive found is Ownallday 2013. But that had problems. Can someone add me and help me through what i need, i have a top end system so performance isnt an issue.
Steam Cabbage4321

thanks guys

PC version

Where has this been moved to?

Killerfist 08-09-2013 05:50 AM

I've honestly never heard of that graphics mod, have you tried installing an icenhancer? Never had any problems with those, just make sure you have the right patch installed.

As for regular mods (weapons, vehicles, clothes) they should work if you import them with either SparkIV and OpenIV, in SparkIV don't forget to press the 'save' button (don't use the rebuild option like alot of readmes tell you to, it's useless). For this it's important aswell that you have the right patch installed, and launch your game through 'LaunchIV' with administrator rights.

Leedaviesuk 08-09-2013 06:01 AM

Yeah ive tried icenhancers mate, the mod i meant was the nicest is ive tried loads, can you link me to all the stuff you use that you know works. Enb/Ice, Textures, trees, roads, and cars. I have tried putting 5 cars in too but once i do it i can never find them in game.

Killerfist 08-09-2013 10:57 AM

Cars are kinda tricky indeed, there's this bug where if you install custom cars you see alot of taxi's and police cars. To get those custom cars it's better to install simple native trainer (to spawn the cars) because you'll have a hard time finding them ingame.

As for graphics mods I'm always refering to this one:

I have it myself and it works excellent, it's still the 2nd most downloaded graphics mod on that website

I'd also try to install a gun, doesn't matter which one just to confirm everything with importing etc is working properly

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