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PROtek94 08-07-2013 04:06 AM

Native trainer crash after closing editor
Have never been able to figure out why this oocours but if I open the in game video editor and then close it again; I get an error stating something about an error with runtime and the trainer isnt active. I can still use the game and the only other mod I have still runs no problems (first person mod).

I've tried disabling the trainer before using the editor but the same error is occours, I would be a great deal of help if someone knew the solution as it helps with editing my youtube vids. :confused::confused:

DeVer47 08-07-2013 05:55 AM

Well, I Have The Same Problem Like You..
I Don't Know What Should I Say..
But I Think Try This:
1. Record Your Video first using SNT (Short For Native Trainer)
2. After That Quit And Delete The SNT Files From GTA IV Dir
3. Run The Game again..
Well, It's Kinda Difficult Or What To say Like this.. but hope that works
If You Too Lazy To That, Try Asking Some Pro In This Web..

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