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bmowens 08-06-2013 07:31 PM

OpenIV will not install!! help please!!
okay so im new to the forum and im not sure if this is supposed to go here but i hope to get some help. i have ovisetup.exe downloaded and when i run the program i can go through the steps.. english, accept to terms, and then when i get to the install section i click next and click yes to continue to download, but when it gets to prepare to download it just goes away. idk what to do.. D:

DeVer47 08-06-2013 08:40 PM

I Don't Know What Your Problem But You Can Watch This For Tutorial
And If The File Corrupt You Can Download Again

Oh Yeah, Have You Check What is Version Your GTA IV is?

If The Problem Still Same, You Can Download Spark IV..

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