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phexitol 07-12-2013 07:50 AM

Tying things together from the trailers/info
* The guy being tortured by Trevor in his character trailer @ 3:04 is the same guy we have to abduct from the FIB and hand over to the IAA @ 1:52.

* Windshields now shatter realistically from nearby explosions, as seen @ 1:58.

* Remember "Six Figure Temps", one of the websites registered by Rockstar a while back? Check out the billboard in the background @ 2:56.

* The shack on top of Mount Chiliad is seen several times throughout the gameplay trailer, almost as if it is being used as a frame of reference.

* Realistic steak confirmed @ 3:23 :D

* It seems as though each protagonist's "default" vehicle are featured @ 3:39.

* The area where they are planning the armored car heist is behind the building with the "Cypress" sign, seen in one of the screenshots. It is actually where the heist is to take place, also, as seen at 3:45.

* The beachfront apartment @ 0:53 is the same one from Trevor's trailer @ 3:34.

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