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GrandadTheGrey 06-20-2013 04:08 PM

Request: Shift Ability
OK, show me what you guys are made of.

For anyone who has played or knows about Driver: San Francisco (which is a pretty darn awful game from what I have heard), I want a shift ability in GTA: IV.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, let me clarify. I want the ability to "shift" from my character to a different character who would usually be AI controlled. This would mean the AI would therefore have to control the character I was playing as. Whilst choosing an AI character to play as, the game would need to freeze/pause temporarily until I was in control of the chosen character.

I found a simplified version of the mod which allows you to change to an NPC but you must be aiming at the character for it to work. I believe there are similar features to the ones I described available in the full version of the mod which the creator is charging for unfortunately.

If anyone is aware of a free mod that exists that covers what I have described let me know. Otherwise, do I have any takers?

Edit: also, when switching from on character to another, the new character should not carry over attributes such as the wanted level, weapons, maybe money although this is not all that necessary and could be a little annoying. The character you have just left should maintain there wanted level, weapons, etc. so if they are in the middle of a police chase the police are still chasing them and if you change back to the character you will still have the wanted level.

Nevitro 07-10-2013 04:28 AM

I found that mod on YouTube and here. But this is in big script... I do not remeber, but i think that was mod by Scorpio.

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