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Naruto 607 06-19-2013 04:21 AM

Emergency Vehicle Textures Request Thread
Well, as I have a 3... well, about 4 months and to wait about my graduation report, I would like to open the Emergency Vehicle Textures Request Thread :D (and I promise not to eat shit at

Terms and conditions as follows:
  1. State the vehicle model and textures, and if possible, link for the specified mod.
  2. You can also tell the name of the emergency vehicle mod you like, such as CVPI, Tahoe, etc.
  3. Vehicle texture that you can request can be fictional (such as LCPD and NOoSE) and real one (such as NYPD, LAPD, and even the Indonesian Police) by showing the real picture of the specified emergency vehicle.
  4. You can request more than 2 different textures, but maximum limit is 5.

The creation I made is not perfect, however, because I'm Indonesian (but good in English), so please respect on what I'm making or I'll be infracted again.
Textures that I uploaded can be found at the Textures section in, and later GPM (, I hope.

Note that you can also request via my e-mail and via my Facebook (click one of those).

P.S. I will upload some of vehicle textures soon as an example. For a moment, find my previous vehicle texture collections here:

AgenBlaze 08-04-2013 07:36 AM
Just give more numbers :P
And don't upload it anywhere. Make it a private release since outsid3r4 won't allow it

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