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Runner 500 06-16-2013 08:12 AM

GTA V Police Vehicles
So far i see GTA V trailer from 1 to 3. I noticed in the first trailer police car looks same like GTA IV's police cruiser with LSPD livery and new lightbars, in some screenshots and second trailer the police car are now redesigned to look more like Ford CVPI's in the rear and Chevrolet Caprice in the front. There were also a Police SUV in some screenshots it have a NOOSE, LSPD, and Sheriff variant of it and there was a Police Van too in one screenshot.
In the third trailer i noticed some new police car designs that resemble 2013 Ford Taurus Police Car and i think it doesn't replace police cruiser from the second trailer since it have a taxi variant of it. In one screenshot i also spotted 2 police bikes following Trevor's car, the police bike looks like the one from TBOGT and i think it have a different livery. Police Maverick also appear in the first trailer it looks really same like GTA IV but with LSPD livery, Police Maverick in some screenshots and Trevor trailer has been redesigned to resemble like American Eurocopter Please reply if you like it.

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