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canadianjesus 06-11-2013 01:31 PM

[Help] Modded cars do not appear when spawned
So, I have replaced five vehicles in GTA IV, one of which using EPM, and some do not show when spawned. After selecting the option in the phone, I get the ding and cheat activated message, but no car. It seems to me like it may be an amount of memory issue? The settings for me say 400/1200 used.

PC Specs:
Asus GTX570
Intel i5 2500k
4 x 4gb Corsair Vengeance RAM

Let me know if I can provide any more information. I'm not sure if this is related, but the car that utilizes EPM does not display a number when 8 is pressed. Thanks!

DeVer47 07-23-2013 03:17 AM

When You Replaced The Ori Files With the Mod Files, Do You Rebuild it Or not?

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