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exoticracer750 06-06-2013 10:23 PM

Cars i want in GTA IV

i would like some of the cars from this 90s game, specifically that old beaten station wagon

Nathan3219 06-07-2013 10:29 PM

Erm... I'm not sure why you'd want those cars, and I doubt if anybody would be willing to make them.

carchub 06-08-2013 10:22 AM

yyyyeah..maybe you mean the real version of them? Certainly not the 90's graphics...right?

exoticracer750 06-08-2013 10:52 AM

Because i liked this game

carchub 06-08-2013 12:42 PM

Well I can certainly respect that. I hope someone's able to do this for you

exoticracer750 06-09-2013 05:57 PM

And some cars in this game aren't jokes

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