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smokeyh37 06-06-2013 07:49 PM

Game Modding questions.
So like all of the other dead posts, yes I am a noob to modding but I am slowly figuring things out. I have gotten as far as modding a couple cars, then I decided to install ICEnhancer 2.1, but after I did that I could no longer use GTA IV vehicle mod installer because it could not locate the needed game file. I tried to replace the files it was missing with files from my backup but it made no difference. Other than that it worked fine. I decided that I wanted to be able to install more cars so I restored my game from my back up and started over. I attempted to do a player mod using OpenIV I copied the files as stated in the 'read me' then proceeded to follow the instructions to rebuild, only rebuild button wasn't an available option. Im not too sure if I did something wrong there. I am using a steam copy of GTA IV and I know mods have been revised since the update. I guess my question would be, do alot of the older mods still work since that update? if no then what are the best ones to look for? I dont really expect too much of a reply, just by the looks of similar posts, but one would be nice and help save me a bit of time and research.

P.S. I'm not too lazy to do my own research, just looking for some guidance. Thanks for reading!

Killerfist 06-07-2013 09:16 AM

The rebuild option is only on SparkIV and is an useless option, in OpenIV simply replacing it (after entering edit mode) does the trick. is fine for mods, you can install every gun/car/player mod, some icenhancers will look different because they're optimized for patch Personally I'd go with an older icenhancer (like 1.25).

Keep in mind that with car modding you'll get the taxi bug (90% of the traffic is taxi's or cop cars).

WaffleHouseTits 06-07-2013 06:46 PM

If you have the Steam version of GTA IV, then you more than likely have patch version This is a good thing as all file checks were removed during this patch and you can modify the game openly. So now let me answer your questions one by one.

1. (iceEnhancer) I am not sure why this would have affected your vehicle mod ability, as I am content with the graphics the way they are and have never used ice.

2. In contrary to what Killerfist said, there is a rebuild option in OpenIV. It is only available after you have edited an img file. This option is in the file menu.

3. Yes, if you install too many vehicles you WILL get the Taxi bug. To combat this for normalish traffic flow, you can install the "TrafficLoad" modification. I do believe it is on GTA4-MODS.COM but if it is not, just let me know and I will get you a copy. This mod takes control of the vehicles that spawn around you and regulates it. Also with traffic load, instead of it being random, you can choose which vehicles load around you via an INI file.

4. (Older mods) You just have to read the instructions/readme's and see if they mention a version number that corresponds to the mod. The patch was released over two years ago, so if a mod hasn't been updated prior to March 2011, then that mod may not work with your game.

I also wanted to add a note on custom vehicles. Using custom vehicle skins or editing your handling.dat has been known to make you crash more frequently in online games and can definitely cause other people to crash as well. If you start noticing that you are crashing to the desktop with SMPA60 error, you will have to make a choice. Remove your custom vehicles and play online, suffer the crashes online and keep your vehicles, or remove the custom vehicles and restore your handling.dat.

Please also note that custom vehicles can sometimes be detected as you sometimes appear to be a floating figure online instead of driving around. If the host knows this information, you may be kicked.

Always make backups of your files. Especially vehicles.img and handling.dat as you cannot restore part of the game via steam, but in fact, you have to reinstall the entire game.

smokeyh37 06-10-2013 06:15 PM

Great info guys very helpful, Thanks for the responses.

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