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Cyron43 05-20-2013 05:06 PM

Where can I find the vehicle sound reference
Hi guys,
I just got an idea for a mod but I need some information but first my idea.
My new mod will be a about collecting services.
- Dead bodies shall be collected by the Romero
- Abandoned cars by a Towtruck
- more?

Anyway the Towtruck is a TLAD-only vehicle but I'd like to make it available in the base game and also TBOGT. I know how to handle the handling.dat line and the one in vehicles.ide but what about the sound? The towtruck has a unique (afaik) and cool engine sound and I'd like to use it in the other games as well. Is this even possible and where can I find/edit the sound reference?

VdhNET 06-03-2013 11:32 AM


I probably know where you can find these. If you've sparkiv you can open you GTA IV Main dir/pc/Audio/Sfx
there you'll find files that you can open with sparkiv and then browse for some sounds (i don't know which file contains the car sounds).

WaffleHouseTits 06-05-2013 03:22 AM

As VDH-SOFT said, SparkIV or OpenIV. You can export sounds from the sound archives and port it over to the base game. Just make sure its not overwriting any other sounds. You can also port over animations. For single player playing, I ported TLaD auto-pistol animation to the DEAGLE on main GTAIV and upped the clip size to 30 arounds. You can empty a clip in about 2 seconds. lol

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