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Darius Hunter 05-09-2013 07:07 AM

Start up faliure under modding
Hello ^^

Just something simply perhaps. But I installed GTA IV after about 5 months of being away. One issue I believe, the game starts up fine under no modding mode. But when I went to place a few files in the folder the game just attempt's to start, but fails with an error.

I'm running Windows 8 on an home built: Intel i5 3570, AsRock z77 Extreme 4 motherboard, with an old Gainward Nvidia GTX 460 1GB.

The files I places in the GTA IV folder are:

EFC20FIX.asi 2009
dsound.dll 2009
ScriptHook.dll 2009
SpeedoIV.asi 2009
xlive.dll 2010


Exception EFCreateError on mudule DSOUND.dll at 000116c5.
Cannot create file. (Location of GTA IV folder) Grand Theft Auto IV\ asilog.txt". Access is denied.

Windows 8 might be playing a role in this problem.

If you have any idea in how to rectifier this problem. Place help me in the issue.


HyperZ 06-21-2013 03:05 AM

Always run GTAIV.exe and gta4launcher.exe as administrator when modding! also xlive.dll and dsound.dll are both ASI loaders so I reccomend to delete the dsound.dll

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