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RzaRecta357 05-08-2013 08:48 AM

A little help for a modding noob?
Howdy! I've never modded the game before but I think after wanting those gloves since release it's time I get them. I seen some Iron man mods and stuff that look awesome. But right now I was hoping I could get the gloves from 2:52 of that video..

I think the rest of the outfit can be acquired in game.

So can anyone help me figure this stuff out or point me to an easy to use tutorial? I'm through Steam if that makes a difference.

Also, can I ADD cars or do they have to be modded versions of other cars?

Killerfist 05-09-2013 05:37 AM

I think those gloves are already ingame, try downloading simple native trainer to switch to them (not sure how you'd get them without cheating :P)

I'd advice you to carefully read the readme since it gives instructions on which other files you need (and provides links). I believe it's somewhere on the bottom (the first few pages are just functions of the trainer).

Press F3 to launch it ingame, then use numpad to scroll through it. Not sure what the exact title was but one of the items on the list should give you access to niko's clothes. On hands you can change it to 2 and it should be those fingerless gloves.

As for cars, to save yourself alot of trouble I'd just stick to the cars they are meant to replace. Do keep in mind that installing custom cars causes the taxibug which is a hard thing to fix (just google it).

RzaRecta357 05-13-2013 07:03 AM

Alright.. So before I start with the gloves...

I was thinking about getting some graphical enhancing mods. Any help with those? I click tutorial on the site but it just refreshes the page.

I'm running a GTX 660Ti and have quite a bit of ram left over after cranking the settings. I didn't know definition was a bad setting though. Gonna turn that off after.

I think I need to downgrade my game? Will my gamesaves disappear? Ugh it all looks so confusing. I used to mod VC and SA but I was still a teenager and would be up all night. Now I'm near 26 and and it's installed through Steam and it seems like there is ALOT more to do. A little daunting.

EDIT: Thanks for the reply by the way! I kind of forgot about it because life got a bit busy but now I want to do this.

Also, was looking at that trainer. Looks cool but I don't see any mention of gloves through all the screenshots haha. Anyone know if there are any english style jackets? I don't know how to describe them. Look like windbreakers but the neck is really high?

Found a pic!

Killerfist 05-13-2013 04:54 PM

No problem ;)

Which version are you running? I'd just keep it on

It's entirely up to you which graphics mod you want to use, but I would recommend Icenhancer. I personally love this one but some people say it's too bright:

Most of these mods suffer from a bug know as 'the red sky bug' which means the sky turns red at a specific angle (sometimes, not all the time). I don't mind it all that much but some people are picky about these things

If you decide to use the one from the link I gave you make sure you use the files from the beta folder (for and EFLC). There are some others out there that are for the same patch but if you have your mind set on one intended for you'll need to downgrade indeed.

Oh and no I haven't seen any of those shirts

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