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nfsrookie 05-04-2013 09:46 AM

Modding Problems (iCE, Cars, Maps, Trainer)
Hello Community,

Today I've registered here as I, again, tried to modify my GTA IV, I've modded my game some time ago, so I know some general things, but since I don't seem to be able to fix some of my problems, I'll ask them here. Just in case some problems are discussed somewhere here, I'll say sorry in advance and would be thankfull for any links.

To begin, here are my current system settings:
AMD Phenom II X4 965
ATI Radeon HD5850 (1GB GDDR5)
8GB DDR3 Memory

1. (PC Performance with iCEnhancer): I have got the Steamversion of GTA IV, and downgraded it to in order to properly use iCEnhancer, it seems to work quite nicely, but still with some lag (I guess its just because I only have 1GB of video memory?), my question would be if there are some recomended settings in order to rescue some FPS (I've tried putting shadows, texture filtering and water quality down a bit).

2. (Carmods): I have replaced a lot of cars in my game, and gotten some problems with that:
- the well known taxi-bug is still bothering me, I've tried the Trafficflow mod, but it doesnt seem to be the best solution to me, has anyone a better idea how to fix this and make the game spawn a decent amount of different cars?
- the cars, of course, do handle weirdly, I know I have to change the handling of them (lower center of gravity or something like that?), but I'm not realy sure how to do that, and which tool would be best for that, has anyone a good tutorial on that? Or any tipps on how to easily fix some of the major handling problems (like spinning, realy bad braking)?
- Is there a way to change the displayed name of the cars ingame? (Like Sentinel --> BMW M3 E46)
- Is there a way to change the colour- and parts- options of the cars? As some cars would spawn with weird coloured rims, and some with missing bumpers (due to some modifiable parts I guess)

3. (Mapmod): I have installed the "Wind Farm Island" Map mod, everything works nice, beside I don't have the new area shown on my minimap, inside the modfolder there a radar.img file, I seem to know that sometime ago I got working that the minimap showed the new area, so I guess I need to put that thing somewhere, (pc/data/models/cdimages wasnt the right path, learned that the hard way)...

4. (Using a Trainer): It seems the Simplenativetrainer doesnt work with my GTA IV, as soon as I put the required .ini and .asi files into the folder, the game crashes while loading, and yes I have the scripthook.dll and dsound.dll in the folder, I think this might come from an incompatiblity with iCEnhancer? Does anyone have a solution for that, or at least a good alternative tool to spawn vehicles? The ones I tried so far werent very good...

Would be thankful for any help on that. :)

topgungtamod 05-04-2013 03:39 PM

Hi! Man you have better PC than I will ever have so this is what I did and my GTA IV works 35 FPS with Icenhancer. MY PC:
GF 8800GT 1024mb
Intel Core Duo 3GHZ

I have AMAZING GRPAHIC with 2 mods:
First I installed this graphic mod wichis is in 90% a copy of Icenhancer 1.35 :D TRY IT

after I installed that graphic update I downloaded this (use only timecyc from this mod!!!!! - not the visual settings):

I uninstalled the GTA 4 ...5 times in a week till I've found this 2 mods which enabled me perfect playing :D

To put the name of a modding car use program: GTA IV Vehicle Mod Installer
It allows you to instal a car in 2 seconds and it also allows you to restore old can name here a car you install so you can see this name in a game like BMW, Ferrari...instead of COMPACT, Turismo..ect.

Traffic load works for me so I can't help you. You must open the txt file in that mode and type 1 instead of 0 to make it working.

nfsrookie 05-05-2013 05:01 AM

Thanks for the reply,
I've tried your mod and get some FPS more out of my game, havent bothered putting the low res settings in yet, but I'll surely do.
I've been able to fix some of my problems from yesterday, for example the Simplenativetrainer is working now, since I've downloaded another version...

I'm not quite sure if trafficload is working properly yet, I have some random cars around the city, but sadly a lot of taxi's too. I also didn't seem to find any "enable with typing 1 instead of 0" option in the ini, the only values are the "ChanceOfRandomDispatch" and the "TimerInterval"...
Maybe I simply didn't put the trafficflow.ini and the in the right location? Do they need to be in the main folder of GTAIV, or in a subfolder named "scripts"? Also, is it possible to add more than 20 cars to the carpool in the file while still working properly?

Oh, and I still don't know where the correct radar.img file for the minimap should be...

topgungtamod 05-05-2013 05:18 AM

I was useing this mod with the traffic load.

copy msvcr100d, TrafficLoad.asi and TrafficLoad.ini to the MAIN GAME folder where GTAlounhcer and gtaiv.exe are.

Open theTrafficLoad.ini file and change CustomDensity=0 to CustomDensity=1
CarsPerCycle=20 means how many cars you see in some time period, change it to 100 to check if its working :D
But I can tell you that if more cars (modded cars) you chose to see the more chances of game crashing you have.

There was also another mod that changes the amount of cars but it was not a MOD that force you to put a new file. Just can;t find it. Try this TRRAFFIC LOAD ANYWAY.

And the timcecyc from the LOW ENB makes game loook really nice but you won;t be disappointed with the graphic. You will see no difference only more FPS. Trust me.

nfsrookie 05-05-2013 06:47 AM

Oh stupid me, I was using the "Trafficflow" mod before...
Thanks to you, its now working somewhat properly, I just seem to have a lot of items popping up late, should I try to fix this with lowering the density of the cars around me, or is it something else?
I also figured where the radar.img file should be put in, so thats not a problem anymore.

I'm going to play around with the Vehicle Mod Installer now, but still I don't know how to edit the cars handling to make them not spin around anymore. I've made a list and there are a total of 51 cars affected by this, I still dont get why fiddling with the models affects the handling of the cars, thats just stupid... Maybe I need to add that I'm not using any custom handling sets, even IF they would be included in the carmod, as I hate when the cars are uber-fast, and I would like to keep the ingame performance of them.

topgungtamod 05-05-2013 08:28 AM

What does popping mean? :D Anyway I gave you all the knowladge I had. My PC crash with vehicle density higher than 20 so I can't help you. And I had to uninstall GTA IV coz somehow when I put skin via Open IV, evrything has been deleted LOL Don't play with player skin - risky.

When you downlaod a car there is a readme file. There are HANGLINGS settings for each car. You must copy the whole line with numbers and with a name (turismo ect.) and replace the original handlings settings located in gtaIV/common/data/ must also change numbers in the vehicle.dat also located in the same place.
Sometimes Vehicle Mod Installer doesn't see HANDLINGS hidden in the readme file properly and you have to do that manualy.

nfsrookie 05-05-2013 08:43 AM

With "popping up late" I meant that objects appear late in my game, for example some buildings/high res textures and so on just pop in while I'm driving past, that just looks stupid, and seems to happen because the game is busy with all the high quality models of the cars...
I know that there are handling datas for the cars in most mods, but as I said, I normaly don't like using them as a lot of them are making the cars way to fast, so I would like them to perform just like the cars I have replaced, but then I get that stupid spinning problem.
Anyway thanks for your help so far, at least my IV isn't full of taxis anymore.
+rep to you :)

Okay now I've used the handling files most mods came with, they don't spin anymore, but some of the cars are just to fast, well, better than totaly undrivable I guess.
My main problem are the late loading textures and objects now... any fix on that?

topgungtamod 05-05-2013 10:35 AM

There is a mod "driving and flying realistic" it changes handlings for each car - you can check it. If you make a backup of 3 files you can have even better GTA than you could imagine.

And with that popping thing...
Try that:
in commandline.txt type this:
-availablevidmem 12.0
-percentvidmem 100

Just do that, only that and if it's still wrong than chose another type of settings from icenhancer mod (mid, high, low) you have downloaded.

If it's still bad use that timecyc I was talking about.

But I think that commandline would be enough. (don't ask me what it means, those commands I don't know :D It worked for me well :D )

nfsrookie 05-05-2013 11:09 AM

Yes, I have found that Commandline thing on Youtube already and tried it. The textures are no longer popping up, but now the game just keeps crashing every 5 minutes (cardensity is at 20). I've but in the timecyc already.
Will try the realistic driving and flying mod tho. Thanks for this. I just hope my game stops crashing somehow... -.-

topgungtamod 05-05-2013 11:27 AM

Each commandline is different. There is like 10000000 combinations of commands which you can use. Try mine.
I belive that game is crashing coz COMMANDLINE forced on your PC doing things which it is not able to do. You will have to check few commandlines if it didn't happen before.

nfsrookie 05-06-2013 05:47 AM

I have used exactly yours, but still, random crashing :rolleyes:
Edit: I've decided to uninstall GTA and Steam is currently downloading it again. I will make a backup and try what is causing my issues, iCE or the buttload of carmods. At least now I know what to do how, and how to fix most of the problems, but in the current condition it is just unplayable and not very much fun when it's just running like 5-10 minutes till it crashes...
Should I bother trying it with the newest patchversion? I heard the is the best for modding, and especialy iCE so I was using that for now. Would it be a huge difference if I didn't downgrade it before modding?

topgungtamod 05-06-2013 08:15 AM

Man you didnt have to uninstall the whole game :DDDD I had such problem when I installed too many cars. You could just restore old vehicles :D I could play with 11 cars but when I put another one...the game was collapsing. You installed the traffic load which forced on your PC loading many many modded cars(I had that - I lowered the cars per time cycle) which combined with ICE grpahic gave you the crashing results. I think....
Begin with ICE. Then instal few cars (11 :D ) then if everything is ok try to add them more. If it collapses than restore old machines.
Stay with the 1.0.04 patch. You will be able to install newer but won;t be able to instal older.
I was installing patch before and after modding difference I believe. But usually I patched the game at the beginning.

nfsrookie 05-06-2013 11:20 AM

I just had to reinstall, I couldnt stand it anymore xD
Just tried GTA with 1(!) carmod, iCE and on the newest patchversion (didnt downgrade), had the redsky-bug, and after that, it crashed... I just dont get why this game hates modding so much :facepalm:
Will try the game just with carmods, but without iCE maybe, since the cars would be my main goal to have working ingame...

topgungtamod 05-06-2013 01:26 PM

Dude...Just do what I said. :D GTA IV looks ba without ICE and ENB. Modders did amazing work. Cars are awful without ICE and antialiasing. Speed is useless without motion blur.
patch 1.04.
MY ICE I gave you (still timecyc i can recommend you)
commandline I gave you
and forget about 50 cars :D
put 11 cars + trrafic load = look how the game looks like...if fine install more cars

The worst thing is after you install one mod you feel deep inside a desire to install another one.
I installed Only jets coz jets with cars caused my pc crashig LOL first were only cars :D
find some server to play with and have a purpouse...coz mods are amazing but they are really usless...just to look for 1 sec at the new car :D get in crash and thats over... LOLOLOL
I played MP at the PS3 only coz my PC version was...hadn;t that option = big lose for me I believe. But I heard mods can be used at MP so dont overinstall them. Put few and play MP. Godbless modders. Peace!

nfsrookie 08-04-2013 09:27 AM

I'm pulling this thread out again as I can't quit trying to get a decent modified GTA to work for me. Forget all of the above, I have my carmods working now, nearly every car replaced and working quite nicely (You just have to make sure the size of the modded car files is no bigger than 2-3mb, some may be 4mb big, and voila no missing textures, no huge performance drops).
Only problem I keep having is that I just can't find any good iCEnhancer mod. As of what I have read is that they seem do not work that properly on ATI cards (Again, I have a HD5850 1GB). I have tried 6 different iCE settings since yesterday, and none of them has a decent FPS rate, and they mostly look to bright for me. Can anyone recommend one with good settings for ATI cards, for version, which doesnt bother my fps so much? I am mostly interested in the lights and antialiasing parts of that mod.
Thanks in advance :)

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