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topgungtamod 05-04-2013 09:04 AM

Air Combat - new ideas? Begging thread :D
I downloaded the greatest mod I've ever seen - I mean air combat. It just unbelievable how the mooder created the flying system, fighting system, AI of the enemies...working flares, locking professional so smart and real. I played BF3 for a long time and I can tell you that GTA IV Air Combat is more realistic than what DICE did. The speed, the manouver...everything is just great here!
Anyway as a human I will never stop wanting more so I post here ideas which maybe someone could do as a modder master.

1. JETS are great but 1 against 16 bots is strange (they most crash so the fight doest last forever but...) Is there a chance to put a mod which let player to spawn his "friends"? (like 2 jets which fly behind you)

2. The jets are equipped with the bombs but there is no point to use them, right? So could you make a mod that spawn like 10 cars which are going to blow (or anything else) and you must destroy them in time limit?

3. Spawning cars to destory and spotting them on radar would be nice but can you put ships on sea also visable on radar which we should destory in time limit or before they reach the island?

4. Putting circles in the air space which we should past in time limit :) as a traning and to have a purpouse

5. Steering - here is propably the hardest thing to do but... I said before steering is great coz it is but I played other air games and I must say that it would be easier and more movie style if:
- SPACE - roll up
- left mouse button - fire canno
- right mouse button + mouse movement - control camera around the jet to locate the enemies
- mouse movement - to roll up, down, left and right - this is propably the hardest
- shift - turbo
- hiding landing gear - BUTTON (T or other) coz it looks bad when I slow down to dodge the enemy and I see landing gear 10000 feet above the ground

6. 2 seats on a jet (F15 for example) when you switch to the second place you can fire the missiles like someone did in a mod AC130. The jet flies with a constant speed.

7. When you break the sound barrier (max speed for the jet) there could be an affect. Here is how it looks in real:

This is just asking. Not the best ideas but it could be nice with them.

topgungtamod 05-09-2013 02:35 PM

Is it possible to creat the GR 4 Tornado for the Air Comabt mod?

Is it possible to play GTA IV Air Combat on Multiplayer?

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