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Bfett21 04-30-2013 06:42 AM

When is enough enough?
Ok this is a fairly serious thread, designated for the more mature, and older members of the forums.

When is enough enough in the violence of GTA and similar games?

Point, I am 30, nearly 31, I have been gaming nearly my entire life. Violence I guess doesn't phase me as it should. In light of recent events however, I started to question my morality in regards to these games. Now of course I know the games are fictional, have nothing to do with real life, and for the majority, is a parody of the modern world. Yet, something still claws at the inside of me, something wants me to embrace that elephant in the room. I dunno. What is everyone's thoughts on the issue? Are games getting to be too violent? Or are we just getting older?

Xan 04-30-2013 07:25 AM

Higher game fidelity means more realistic violence, which is down to to how bloody the developer wants it to be.

And I don't see any major leaps these days apart from graphical fidelity. Soldier of Fortune where you could blow away individual body parts and have a unique death animation for each, the variety of games where you get rewarded for higher kill amounts. It's all the same today.

Personally, a violent game is a stress release mechanism. Or at least that's what I used it for. I've moved on to boxing and hiking for that, and I don't get the same rush of excitement that I once had. Moving down scores of pedestrians in Vice City just doesn't have the same vibe you know?

The elephant in the room would be video game violence leading to acting upon those urges in real life right? If so, I'd say it's down to the individual person. A mentally unstable person or someone with anger issues bordering on breaking will always find something to indulge his urges with.

Empathy and the sort, that's what a serial killer lacks. That's what anyone trying to hurt others will be lacking in. Because a normal person will probably put himself in the position of others and bask in their misery and see how fruitless it is.

That doesn't mean we all don't have occasional episodes where we want to kill someone who pissed us off. But you never get there because you either figure it's not worth wasting your life over, or you can't bring yourself to inflict pain and suffering on others.

Now, everybody has a breaking point. Beyond that point anything can happen, and the results are almost always ugly. Do video games tug at that breaking point and capacity for violence? Who knows.

iKlipse 04-30-2013 07:52 AM

Ive seen and experiened some violent things in life like being in a few serious car accidents, seeing a double murder in the street, people mangled by cars and trucks, ive been stabbed in the arm by a random in a crowd and witnessed plenty of gory accidents of people breaking bones, cutting themselves open and blood everywhere... Im not bothered by video games, sure i do have a fairly strong mind to cope when I do see things in real life but what does separate the two is that one of them are fiction, the other is not.
I can deal with games, i dont think increased detail in violence is a problem. Its all a part of the ever growing gaming capabilities, the technology comes along and the games become more realistic.
Like xan, i do feel like killing someone when they piss me off but i just move on. If it makes you uncomfortable or concerned that its giving you urges then stop playing it...

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