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nekomaster 04-29-2013 11:43 PM

Faster Traffic mod? Is there one or can someone make it?
I'm getting sick and tired of this slow ass traffic in GTA IV, I know the speed limit in NYC is usually 30 MPH which works out to about 48 Km\h, but in real life, 40 KM\h is a common speed for side streets in Canada, and that looks a lot faster then the 30 MPH in GTA 4.

As a law abiding driver except when I'm chasing down or being chased by someone, driving behind these slow poke cars is mind numbing, especially on the highway where I would love to be able to run up to 50-70 MPH

Are there any mods to make traffic move faster? Perhaps adjust the speeds in the game to match more realistic speeds? If there arent any mods, is it possible that someone could make a mod to make traffic move faster?

Kudos to anyone that can help with this.

Killerfist 05-01-2013 11:52 AM

I'm not sure about this but realistic driving and flying might alter it slightly, since I installed that mod there were more people that crashed into eachother. From that I can tell you having em drive (even) faster is really undesirable.. they don't know how to handle that fast and will only end up crashing.

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