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SUICIDAL 04-11-2013 09:22 PM

Need help finding realistic mods for EFLC
Hi, this is my first post here.

The last GTA game I played was San Andreas many many years ago - and before that Vice city.

I just bought and installed Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City and played it for about an hour.
When I right click on EFLC.exe and choose details it says that it is version
When I right click on the LaunchEFLC.exe and choose details it says that it is version
I'm not sure which of these version numbers is the actual game version, but I was guessing it is

I would like to install some mods for the game like... realistic lighting, realistic textures, realistic cars, real car names and real location names. I was hoping somebody with the same exact game & version could help me find what I am looking for or point me in the direction of some working links. I have tried some mods that said they would work for but they did not work for my game. I wound up reinstalling the game, which was a pain in the neck. My friend bought the same game so we could play it online together coop, but I'm not sure if the mods would work online in a 2 player coop if we both install the same mods.

I am not looking for ridiculous overpowered weapons, or the ability to fly like Iron Man or anything gay. I'm just trying to mod the game to look and feel more realistic and maybe perform better. I also heard about a "performance tweak mod", but I did not find one that said would work for my version of the game. I'm not against a vehicle mod that adds more vehicles, but I don't want to install any clown cars and 100 different types of race cars that go 200 mph, but it would be nice to get my hands on a 68 Ford Mustang and some other cool cars. A weapon pack/mod that adds a few more weapons would be cool too, but nothing that has super high damage mini quad mini-guns and 5000 round ammo boxes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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