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edgarhighmen 04-04-2013 08:09 PM

Hi guys, Mods work, some issues I can't sort out though.
Thanks for being here forum guys :D (Sorry for text wall, don't know how to simplify)

I played GTA IV on 360/ps3 but just recently got it on PC.

I'm on update 1040, and I am encountering a few issues: I cannot install any ENB (placing it in directory causes crash upon reaching main menu w/ PLAY options)

I might use RealizmIV and SweetFX (and some others?) if I can't get ENB working :( Tried AIGE, L3evo GP Best 8-7, gionights and 3 others - none worked (one loaded but it effed up all the graphics, black/flashing gray sky, random texture problems... only thing worked was shiny reflections on cars)

I started replacing weapons and some audio using sparkiv and gtaivaud (had to use 1.1.5 because 1.1.6 said .wav was invalid (different hertz size)) Put in some random HD objects by Lord neophyte, realistic driving/flying 2.7, HK Knife, PUSH Glock, HD Dirt splatter on cars, cg4radar/map mod, realistic traffic/peds, HID Headlights, about to do a 2013 car pack and hd streets by neophyte.

PROBLEM: No ENB's are working.

QUESTION: Which file in cg4radar/map mod 1.21 makes your OPTIONS MENU really orange (so I can return THAT file to stock :P ) also which one of those files Edits your lockon crosshair (looks better than default IMO)

QUESTION: I know there's another vehicle mod that works on top of realistic flying/driving that adds more realistic visual dmg to hit/shot car parts causing them to specifically cause error/malfunction to broken part (tire not spinning, vehicle pull, flat tire/tire wear, EVEN Engine not starting when vehicle (maybe engine) gets too dmg'd without going so far as blowing up or smoking car even!)

Also is encountering alot of "reported attack site" issues (can't login, sometimes can't view pictures, lots of random links bring up Avast/google/adblock reports of badware/malware site)

So far i've installed some HD Textures (about to do streets/manhattan by lord neophyte) anyone know where to get hd textures for broker/bohan etc. w/e they're called.

I appreciate the time anyone puts in to sort through my text wall, I plan on sharing my finalized modding results privately with a friend who also has gta iv for a better experience

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