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math22 03-23-2013 11:28 AM

Give your predictions
Give your predictions about the first introduction cutscene of GTA V. which protagonist will appear first? how does the protagonist's will be presented? which protagonist will be played first? etc.?
its going to be fun to see who's have the best prediction september 17th! (؛

My prediction :

first scene: We will see Michael hand's holding a gun, and in front of him a random guy with the hands attached blindfolded on the edge of the river, The camera will slowly going upward to his shoulder. and then he will start to talk with the guy about some mafia stuff! and then boom he kill him!( instantly after the shot it switchs of scene )

2nd scene: We will switch to a view of the house of the mom of Franklin. and then we get in the house and see Franklin doing some stuff( packing drug, eating, feeding and playing with his dog ) and then his mom comes in and fight a bit with him sayingf he is the worst kid ever :rox::rox::rox: and she decides to leave in another country just to never see him again....

3rd scene: We will see Trevor in an action scene ( more particularly, the one on th train which we have already saw in the 2nd trailer...) and he jump in a river at the end of the scene.

4th scene: Michael again but we see him push the guy he just killes in the river, he get in his car and then go get his childrens at the school (the childrens dont know about the real job of their dad)

We start to play right here with Michael and as first mission bring back the childrens to the home! :L

give your guess too! :)

BlackSilver65 03-24-2013 09:24 AM

lol Franklin is such a bad kid his mom moves to another country, love it.

math22 03-25-2013 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by BlackSilver65 (Post 2290686)
lol Franklin is such a bad kid his mom moves to another country, love it.


Originally Posted by math22 (Post 2290630)
give your guess too!

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